Dream of a wooden house

Dreaming of a wooden house is a symbol of a lot of contradiction, they can represent misunderstandings, fights, self-improvement, expectations, advances, comfort and warmth in the home.

A person who has dreamed of a wooden house will change his way of being and will become more tolerant, patient, kind, receptive, and will be able to find a way to approach others and iron out old quarrels.

Dream of a wooden house

Seeing a wooden house in our dream shows that we will have an argument with someone due to misunderstandings. If the wooden house is made of natural wood, it indicates that we have to connect more with nature. When in the dream the wooden house is our home, it portends problems with the couple. If the house belongs to someone else, it indicates that we have to improve our attitude with others, if we don’t, we will continue to get into unnecessary trouble. In case the wooden house is new and looks pretty, it indicates that fortune will be on our side. If in the dream we look for a wooden house and we do not find it, it represents that we are very disappointed in a person who has disappointed us. Now we trust no one.

See big wooden house

Big wooden houses in dreams show our changing mood. One moment we are proud of all that we have achieved, and the next minute we are regretting the mistakes we have made in the past.

Dream about an abandoned wooden house

If the wooden house is abandoned, it means that we are feeling old, and the memories make us very sad. This dream also means that we do not know how to communicate with others. Seeing our abandoned wooden house shows that we are acting unconsciously and that will bring us many problems. Repairing a wooden house that is abandoned or in poor condition indicates that we will learn new things that will bring us more wisdom.

If it is made with logs

If the house is made of logs, it indicates that new opportunities will be presented to us and they will be very positive for our lives. Being hidden inside a wooden house made of logs shows that we are not achieving our goals due to lack of dedication. We are wasting our time on unimportant things.

Run towards a wooden house

Running towards a wooden house to take refuge is a very good omen. It indicates that great changes are about to come to our lives. Changes that will help us improve in all aspects.

Dream of a wooden house that we built

If we build, or someone is building a wooden house, it represents everything that we have stored inside, and we dare not say. It also shows that we have a very optimistic attitude and we are starting to work on our dreams.

If we see that we clean the house

It predicts that there will be a lot of peace and union in the family, full of good times. Also accommodating, ordering or cleaning a house portends good news that is to come.

What does it mean to buy one?

This dream promises incredible changes in our lives, which will fill us with joy and well-being. If we put furniture in the wooden house we bought, it indicates that we will have good news.

Dream about wooden house without windows or door

If we see that it has no windows, it indicates that although we have many people around us, we have an absolute feeling of loneliness. But if we see the wooden house without a door and we do not know how to enter, it portends problems with the loved one.

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