Dream of alligators

Alligators in dreams show us that we are not totally honest, we have two faces. It may also be that it is someone close to us who has two faces. Dreaming of alligators indicates that we are totally flexible people, we adapt to whatever we have to face in our lives.

When these animals appear in dreams, they represent different emotions such as anxiety, intuition, betrayal, falsehood, fear, confusion, surprise, weakness, etc.

dream of alligators

It indicates that there is a very docile person close to us who feels that we are a threat to her, and will move away from our life. In a negative way, alligators in the dream refer to our potential that we are wasting.

Meaning of dreaming of wild alligator

It predicts that we will soon have new opportunities and great changes in our lives. A wild alligator also alerts us to dangers that will come into our lives.

If we don’t kill the alligator in the dream

It is a wake-up call that indicates that we have the danger in front of us and we are ignoring it. This will cause problems to grow and the time will come when we will not know how to deal with them.

What does it mean to dream of an alligator that we are trying to kill?

It indicates that we are acting on impulse and we are not being rational. This will get us into trouble.

Shoot an alligator in the dream

It shows that we doubt our intellectual capacities. It also tells us that we are prepared to survive unexpected situations. If we manage to catch the alligator, it predicts that we will earn a lot of money unexpectedly.

What happens if we swim next to an alligator in the dream?

This shows that we are going through a very difficult time emotionally, which affects our health. If we dream that we swim with many alligators, it indicates that we will once again turn to faith to have hope and be able to propel ourselves into the future.

Omen of dreaming of an alligator that we kill

It reflects the anger and anger that we have inside.

What portends to dream of deformed alligators?

It indicates that we have to be more rational at work. This way we will make our work more productive.

Dream of an alligator in the zoo

It reflects that we have a lot of potential that we must begin to use in our favor. That will lead us to have the success that we seek so much. This dream also indicates that we want to be independent and not depend on anyone.

If we dream that we see an alligator in the jungle

It is a very positive dream, as it augurs new projects and opportunities that will be presented to us soon.

Have a pet alligator in the dream

This shows that we are gaining more contacts, and thanks to that we will be able to have more power every day.

Meaning of dreaming of an alligator that bites us

It indicates that we are worrying too much and in the end things will end up solving themselves. It also alerts us to a friend who will try to deceive us, but we will find out in time.

What portends to dream of an alligator in a lake?

It is a very promising dream, since it predicts a lot of love and peace in life.

Dreaming of an alligator in the river that creeps up on you

It predicts that some things will not go as planned. We will have to improvise on the spot in order to get out of trouble.

When we like to see an alligator in the dream

This dream is very favorable, because it shows us that although we are afraid, we must make the most of the opportunities that are presented to us.

Explanation of dreaming of eating alligator meat

It warns us about a misunderstanding that will unleash all our inner anger.

What does it predict to dream of an alligator from which we remove the skin?

Get ready, because your secret will come out, even if you try to prevent it.

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