Dream of ants on the body

In general, dreaming of ants on the body shows that we will be haunted by small everyday problems. In addition, it also shows the dissatisfaction of our unattained achievements.

When in the dream we see that there are ants on the body, we must pay attention to the details, for example, the color of the ants: black, red; the size: large, small; or what the ants are doing: biting, eating, etc. Most dreams in which ants are on the body symbolize hard work, daily tasks, obstacles and care.

Dream of ants on the body

Having ants in the body predicts that times of a lot of work are coming. We should not be lazy and avoid difficult jobs, as they can bring us great rewards. If we only have an ant in the body, it portends that we feel tormented by everyday problems. Killing the ants that we have in our bodies shows that we are putting a lot of effort into a job that will not give us the reward we are looking for.

If we are in our house and the ants begin to climb our body, it is a good omen. Indicates that we will buy a property. But if the ants run through our body, then it portends a lot of good opportunities that will soon appear. If flying ants land on our body, it indicates that we will have many unexpected problems.

See black ants on the body

Having black ants in the body predicts that we will have to pay the expenses of a family member who will have many financial needs. Being in bed and seeing that black ants climb on our body means that we are going through a moment of great anxiety. This whole situation is due to the number of problems that surround us.

Dream of ants on the body that are red

If in the dream we have red ants all over our bodies, it predicts a lot of fun and joy in the company of family and friends. This dream also means that we should pay attention to our diet.

have ants on hand

If we see that we have ants on our hands, it is a great honor, since it means that they will recognize our hard work and it portends many economic gains.

See that they come out of the anthill and go up to our body

If we see that the ants leave the anthill and climb our body, it portends health and economic gains. Good times are coming. If they come out of the anthill and we like them to climb up our body, then it augurs prosperity, union and family joy.

Meaning of dreaming of ants in the body that sting us

It points out that we are preoccupied with insignificant things and do not really see what is important and significant in our life. Also this dream means that our loved ones will have problems and will need our help. If we get stung in the body and kill them, it predicts that we will overcome any obstacle or problem that comes our way.

If the ants in the body are large

Having large ants in the body shows that when we are going through difficult times, we must trust our loved ones. When there are many ants in the body, it predicts that we will start businesses that will be very successful over time.

What if they are small?

If we have small ants in the body, it portends success at work, after many tests we had to go through. At last we will achieve what we wanted so much. Removing the little ants from the body predicts great economic losses.

Dream of ants on the face

This shows us the hard work we are doing to be able to get ahead. If we shake the ants off our faces, it indicates that we look down on people because we think we are more than everyone else. If we are not bothered by having ants on our faces, it shows that we will begin a stage of tranquility and serenity, both family and economic, which we will enjoy very much.

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