Dream of baby rabbits

In most dreams where baby rabbits appear it indicates profit, love, fertility, growth, happiness and a good life. But if when we dream of baby rabbits we see them sick or injured, it becomes a negative dream.

Also the baby rabbits in the dream show that everything we dream of will come true, and in the end we will achieve those goals that we long for.

Dream about baby rabbits eating

This type of dream predicts a brilliant streak, where everything we will do will turn out well. Life will be in our favor and we will have to make the most of it.

Meaning of dreaming of baby bunnies

If we see that they behave aggressively with people, it shows us that there is someone very close to us and that we think is harmless, but in reality it is a person with bad feelings. It will end up ending our quiet life. If we see them playing around us, it indicates that the children will be the cause of our joy.

What does dreaming of newborn rabbits indicate?

When we see that the newborn rabbits are very large or fat, it predicts that we will have a very large economic gain, which will help us to be financially calm. If we rescue them to raise them ourselves, it augurs much happiness and family union. We can always count on them for anything.

Keeping a baby rabbit as a pet

It represents our daily life, dedicated to the family and our home. If the rabbit we have as a pet is very affectionate and sweet, it indicates that our family is happy and grateful for everything we do for them.

Dream of injured baby rabbits

Seeing them that they are hurt and bleeding, indicates that perhaps we have inadvertently hurt someone we love very much. That person is waiting for our apologies. If in the dream the rabbit dies, it predicts the illness of a close relative.

See white baby rabbits in the dream

It promises a sincere love that will last a lifetime. With that person we will complement each other so well, that our relationship will have a lot of passion, love and understanding.

One baby rabbit only

Seeing that he is alone and we cannot find the mother indicates that false rumors will be created about us. These will manage to divert our attention from something important that is happening in our lives.

Meaning of dreaming of baby rabbits inside the house

It predicts that we will have a very large family and we will be very happy. We will be surrounded by many children and that will bring a lot of joy to our lives. This dream can also predict that we will soon find out about something that will fill us with joy, such as a pregnancy, since it also portends fertility.Bunnies running away from us

This predicts that we will have a stroke of luck that will come at the right time. If they run away, but we catch them, it signals that we will have a partner who will love us unconditionally and will only want us to be happy.

Finding baby rabbits in our yard

This dream portends a lot of unexpected success. We have to take advantage of all the opportunities that come our way. If we bring them inside our house to take care of them, it predicts that soon the family will grow and there will be a lot of happiness in the home. If they are white, it indicates that our partner is the right person, who will accompany us throughout our lives.

Dream about baby rabbits in a cage

It shows that we feel very stressed with daily tasks, and we need to go out and take a break. If we take them out of the cage, it portends times of great happiness and abundance that are about to come into our lives.

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