Dream of black rabbits

Dreaming of black rabbits warns us of problems in our lives, whether emotional, family or financial. These dreams help us to be prepared to face those difficult moments that are approaching.

A dream where there is a black rabbit can represent disappointments from people we trusted a lot. Also black rabbits seen in a dream predict unexpected turns in life.

Dream of black rabbits

If we see a black rabbit, it portends economic problems that will greatly affect our lifestyle. This dream also means that if we are about to start a new project, we better wait a while to carry it out, since there are many possibilities that it will go wrong. The only thing we achieve will be economic losses and accumulate debts. Seeing a black rabbit that becomes invisible indicates that there are times in life where we would like to be invisible to others.

Seeing many black rabbits running around indicates that there will be many rumors around us, which will make us doubt people we trusted. We must be very careful, since those rumors will make us divert our attention from important things.

See hidden black rabbit

It shows that we are going through moments that make us feel very afraid. We think that others think we are cowards for being afraid. If the hidden black rabbit looks docile, it portends a turn in our lives, which we will be very afraid to face. It will be time to make very important decisions where our future will be at stake.

What does it mean to dream of black rabbits that scare us?

It represents the uncertainty that we are going through at this time of our lives. Finding a black rabbit that scares us, and in turn seeing that the rabbit is also scared of us, portends sad events that are yet to come.

Black rabbit bites us in sleep

This dream alerts us to a betrayal by someone who appears to be kind and a good person. After the betrayal we will feel disappointed for having been so innocent and not having seen who that person really was.

Dream of black rabbits running away

It indicates that in the near future something will generate a lot of anxiety and fill us with fear. We must ask for help quickly to overcome it. A black rabbit that runs away also means that we hide from people for fear of being judged. We are so afraid of what others will say that we prefer to avoid people.

Dreaming of catching a black rabbit

Catching a black rabbit in the dream indicates that we will find the answer to a question that has been coming for a long time, and did not allow us to be in peace. This dream can also show that we will be able to find the solution to a problem thanks to the help of an unexpected person. Trapping a black rabbit inside our house and releasing it outside shows that we will free ourselves from the problems that afflict us at the moment.

Being chased by a black rabbit

He points out that someone who pretends to be our friend is actually putting sticks in our wheels so that we do not achieve our goals.

Dream of injured black rabbits

Seeing a black rabbit that is injured, bloody, or sick shows that a person will begin to speak ill of us behind our backs. We must be very attentive to whom we entrust our things to. If the black rabbit that we see hurt, tries to bite us and intimidates us, it indicates that we will comply with the ill will of another person. We will do something that we will later regret for a long time.

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