Dream of broken mirror

Mirrors in dreams represent our hopes, experiences, feelings, thoughts and everything that we repress and try to hide from the world. That is why dreaming of a broken mirror is mostly an alarm signal for our lives.

Although this dream can generally be something negative for our life, we can use this dream to find clues about the reasons for our failures or the secret of our success.

dream of broken mirror

Finding a broken wait indicates that we will have problems with our work, it can be a fight with colleagues, false rumors that will bring problems with our boss or misunderstandings that will make everything chaotic in the company. Having a broken mirror in our house indicates that a family member will have a serious problem that we will have to solve. Difficult times are coming that we will have to overcome.

Seeing a broken mirror that reflects the image of a family member predicts that someone close to us will get sick and a hobby will help us cope with pain and anguish. If we see pieces of a broken mirror everywhere, it represents the negative aspects that we are going through in our lives.

Trying to touch a broken mirror and seeing it disappear portends the end of problems. Seeing another person’s face in a mirror that is broken means that a lot of gossip is going around behind our backs. If a young woman sees, or finds, a broken mirror, it portends a failed marriage or a friendship broken by betrayal. Putting together the pieces of a broken mirror, predicts times of pain. With the help of loved ones we will be able to overcome it quickly.

see ourselves in the mirror

Seeing ourselves in a broken mirror indicates that if we want to be successful, we will have to work in an orderly, creative and assertive way. Looking at ourselves in a broken mirror and seeing that our image is not seen in the mirror suggests that we are in the hands of people who are trying to harm us through witchcraft.

Seeing our blurred reflection in a broken mirror represents our constant worry about what others think of us. It is best that we take refuge in our faith. If we look at ourselves in a broken mirror and see someone else’s reflection instead of our own, it shows that we are feeling very confused and have lost control of our life.

What if we break the mirror?

When we accidentally break a mirror in the dream, it represents the bad life we ​​have abusing tobacco, alcohol or parties, added to the few hours we dedicate to sleep. This will bring diseases that will be difficult to treat. It is advisable to start changing our habits little by little and incorporate healthier habits, in this way we will save ourselves a lot of regrets.

A falling and breaking mirror shows that in the near future we will have to deal with deception, obstacles and disagreements. Cleaning a mirror and it breaks indicates that as much as we try to maintain family unity, tears and pain will come.

Throwing a stone at the mirror and breaking it predicts problems and disappointments that we will have to go through before we can succeed.

Dream about a broken mirror that reflects an animal

The image of an animal reflected in a broken mirror predicts great losses, humiliation and disappointment. If the animal that is reflected in the broken mirror is a donkey, it shows that there are people we love very much, who will not appreciate our time and dedication.

repair a broken mirror

When in the dream we repair a broken mirror, it is a good omen, since it predicts success in everything we set out to do. The secret is our effort and dedication, which will make everything worthwhile and we will overcome any adversity.

Dreaming of a broken mirror that cuts us

If we cut ourselves with a broken mirror, it indicates that unexpected changes are approaching in our lives, which will need our full attention. Cut ourselves with a broken mirror and see that blood comes out, predicts the end of a relationship, a project or a job.

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