Dream of broken stairs

Dreaming of broken stairs usually symbolizes our collapsed goals and aspirations. A broken staircase, broken steps or broken escalators represent the changes in our life and how we deal with these changes, usually not as well as we should.

The interpretation of dreams where broken stairs appear helps us to be prepared for the moment when problems arrive and to know how to deal with them.

dream of broken stairs 

Seeing a broken ladder and not going up or down, portends the failure of our goals and hopes for change. Climbing a broken ladder and being afraid of falling means that we are going through many difficulties to achieve our goals, but so many difficulties make us feel down. Seeing a ladder with broken steps shows that an obstacle will appear that will end our dreams.

If we see a broken ladder, and we still climb it, it alerts us to problems that are yet to come. It is better that the plans we had, we postpone them for a while, to start developing them. When we dream that the ladder is broken and everything we see around us is also broken, it calls us to attention, to warn us that we are in time to do good and avoid causing pain to other people.

What does it mean to fix broken ladder?

When we dream that we are fixing a ladder that is broken, it indicates that we will fall into despair. It can also indicate that a friendship of years will betray us in the worst way. Fixing an old and broken ladder predicts huge economic losses, due to bad business.

Meaning of dreaming of broken wooden stairs

It predicts that we will have moments of great anguish, due to the exhaustion that we tend to have due to overwork. We will feel physically and mentally exhausted. Trying to climb a broken wooden ladder indicates that we will feel insecure and full of restlessness. When we find a broken wooden ladder lying on the floor, it shows that little by little we will lose authority and people will not respect us.

Slipping while trying to climb a broken wooden ladder indicates that we are going through difficult times. They can be problems with the couple, friends, work or family. No matter how hard we try, we can’t find a way to solve the difficulties.

See broken escalators 

It indicates that we will end a friendship relationship of many years, when we realize the betrayal and lies. After that, we will become very distrustful and insecure. Trying to get on an escalator that is broken and makes it difficult for us to move forward shows that we have become obsessed with trying to get a better position at work. We are not enjoying what we are doing now.

Dream about climbing a ladder with broken steps

Climbing a ladder and encountering broken steps predicts the appearance of obstacles along the way. These will not allow us to continue with our plans. But if we are climbing a ladder where there are broken steps, and we still manage to overcome those steps and continue moving forward, it means that if we want to achieve our goals, we will have to use all our energies. Another interpretation of this dream predicts that many enemies will come to light who will try to ruin our plans.

See broken stair landing

If we see that the stair landing is broken, it shows that we will lose the fight against our enemies. It is better that we go thinking about what to do when this situation happens.

Dream of broken stairs that we run down

If we run up a broken ladder, it shows that we will have emotional problems. We must not let our emotions control our lives. Running down the broken stairs shows that problems will appear, and there we will realize that we are alone. We will not receive help from anyone.

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