Dream of buying bread

To know the meaning of dreaming of buying bread, we must take into account what type of bread we buy, if it is burnt, its smell, if it is soft or hard. Every detail that we remember of this dream will make us have a better interpretation.

When we see that in the dream we are buying bread, this represents our business, prosperity, money, friends, home, family, among others. Depending on the details, the omen can be positive or negative.

dream of buying bread

Buying fresh bread predicts that our businesses will be successful. If we buy bread that smells delicious, it indicates that our home will have much prosperity and love. Buying bread that does not smell of anything indicates that we should not borrow money, because later it will be difficult for us to repay that money. If the bread we buy has salt in it, it predicts many guests and a very pleasant gathering.

Going with a family member to buy bread indicates that we will start planning a small vacation to get out of the routine. If we cut the bread we just bought into many small pieces, it indicates that we will find ourselves in a position where people will ask us for advice. But if we buy a lot of bread, it predicts good times, full of prosperity and family union. Buying and cutting bread on a table shows that we must be very careful with expenses so as not to start having economic problems.

Go to a bakery to buy bread

If in the dream we see that we are going to a bakery to buy bread, it promises changes in the home. These changes can be a remodel or a move. This dream also predicts the end of the problems that had us very stressed lately. If the bread we buy at the bakery tastes good, it shows that we can fully trust our friends. Passing in front of a bakery and when we feel the smell of bread we go in to buy, indicates that we will be very sentimental because of old memories.

Dream of buying burnt bread

When buying burnt bread, it indicates that there is a person in whom we trust a lot, who will betray us. We should not entrust our intimate things to people we do not know well. They can then use that information against us.

if it is whole

When the bread we buy is wholemeal, it is a good omen, as it heralds the beginning of a new prosperous and very comfortable stage. Buying and eating wholemeal bread predicts that the household economy will be flourishing, bringing us financial peace of mind.

See we don’t like the taste of bread

When we buy bread and when we eat it we don’t like its taste, it indicates that times of many difficulties at home and at work are approaching.

Dream of buying bun bread

Buying bun bread is a very good omen, as it shows that we will achieve our goals after so much time and dedication.

Buy bun bread in the dream

The fact of buying moña bread shows that after overcoming some obstacles we will achieve success at work. Also this dream predicts good health and harmony in our life.

flute bread

When we buy flute bread, it marks success and happiness. It also predicts financial windfalls. The bigger the flute bread we buy, the bigger the profits.

Omen of dreaming of buying biscuit bread

Buying cookie bread indicates that we must be vigilant because a close relative or friend will need our help.

Buy bread and throw it away

When we buy bread and throw it away, it predicts that we will soon have disappointments in love. But if we buy it and drop the bread, then it predicts economic problems caused by unexpected last minute expenses.

Dream of buying a loaf of bread

Buying a loaf of bread promises hope. But if we buy only half a loaf of bread, it indicates that we will share moments of great happiness with a loved one.

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