Dream of cats fighting

Dreaming of cats fighting predicts that we are going to fight hard for what we want in our lives. We are not people who give up without fighting for what we want.

If the cats fight, they represent fight, stress, confrontations, scandals, shame, rumors, disagreements with the family and our reputation. Depending on how the fight is in the dream, so will be the prediction.

Dreaming of cats fighting that we try to separate

If we hit the cats with a broom and they stop fighting, it indicates that the family fights will not last long. But if we try to separate them and they do not stop fighting, it indicates that the confrontation within the family will be long.

See very aggressive cats fighting

It indicates that gossip and conspiracies will arise against us, which will generate many intrigues. It also means that someone we consider a good friend will hurt us very much when we discover a betrayal.

Meaning of dreaming of cats fighting that approach us

He predicts that we have enemies who will do anything to cast doubt on our reputation. These will try to make us lose everything we have, because their goal is to see us in ruins. But if we manage to chase away the fighting cats, then we will succeed in defeating our enemies and economically. If they fight each other, but then attack us, this means that we are afraid of something or someone in real life.

Hear the meows of cats fighting

It means that our enemy is working hard to cause us as much damage as possible.

Dream in which cats fight inside our house

This shows that in real life we ​​are going through a lot of emotional stress and we are very worried about the future of our family. If the cats start fighting outside, but end up entering our house, it portends family fights. These will be originated by someone who is not from the family.

Dream about cats fighting in the yard

It predicts that people close to us will raise false rumors and will make us lose many things on a personal and work level. And they will do this because they are envious of us.

Seeing or hearing cats fighting on the roof

The meaning of this dream warns that we have to be careful with what we do and say. To avoid problems that later we would not know how to handle, and it would take a long time to solve.

What does it mean to dream of cats fighting that bite each other?

It predicts a long illness that we will have to face, but we will end up overcoming it. If they are wild cats, it portends that health problems will not be so easy to overcome and will require more time. If the cats don’t stop biting each other, it indicates that we will have an incident where the police will be involved and we will have legal problems.

Throw water in the dream to cats that fight

Throwing water at him indicates that we do not respect what others think, we are arrogant and we only care about what we think, and if we continue to be so selfish in the end we will end up alone.

Large group of cats fighting in sleep

It predicts that we are going to have difficulties in finding the solution to the problems we have. At this time it is best that we are careful with what we say, so that our comments do not generate more conflicts than we can handle. If we are patient, the problems will dissipate over time.

Seeing baby kitten fighting a bigger cat

This dream represents a weak person and a strong person, who are going through a conflict within the family. Despite the innocence of the kitten, both will be harmed.

Explanation of dreaming of cats fighting in the street

It means that we will suffer a great humiliation in which we will not be able to accept what happened. Just thinking about what other people may be thinking about us takes away our peace of mind. Our anger is too great and we have to find a way to overcome what happened, otherwise we will not be able to move forward with our goals.

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