Dream of colored birds

Dreaming of colored birds is a dream considered favorable. The colored birds interpret our emotions beyond our reason.

To know what interpretation this type of dream has, we have to remember how we see colored birds in our dream, since depending on this, they symbolize different things, such as: changes, successful findings, good news, growth or economic improvements.

Dream of colored birds

Seeing colored birds portends that good things are about to come into our lives, everything will get better soon. Seeing colored birds flying is a very positive dream, as it predicts prosperity and the end of problems. Everything that torments us will disappear. Listening to the song of the colored birds shows that we do not have the capacity to solve the problems that afflict us. We must listen to the advice of the family and thus we will be able to get ahead.

If the colored birds are flying in the sky, it shows that we will receive very good news that will make us very happy. Observing a large colorful bird, which draws our attention because of how big it is, shows that something will happen around us. This will hog our attention, causing us to forget about our plans. Seeing that the colored bird is missing its wings, predicts suffering that will make us lose our hopes. Plucking the feathers of a beautifully colored bird indicates that we are angry and frustrated with a bad memory that we cannot overcome.

Colored birds in the dream

Seeing the beautiful colored birds with beautiful plumage, predicts a happy marriage. If this dream is experienced by a person without a partner, it indicates that she will soon find the one who will be the love of her life. Clipping the wings of a colored bird indicates that someone will destroy our dreams. Having a colorful bird very close indicates that there will be an event that will catch us off guard.

If the colors are vivid

Seeing or having brightly colored birds in a cage indicates that we are wasting our money on things that are insignificant. If we don’t stop this waste of money, we will soon need financial help.

Dream of dead or injured colored birds

Seeing that a bird with beautiful colors is dead, shows that someone in the family will behave inappropriately, and that will cause us a lot of anguish.

Catch a colorful bird in the dream

This is a very positive dream, since it heralds a new stage full of opportunities, profits, love and family union. Chasing a colorful bird without being able to catch it indicates that we are not focused on our dreams. We are using our energy on unproductive things.

Kill a colored bird

When we see how we kill a beautifully colored bird in our dream, it portends a natural catastrophe. It can announce intense rains, winds or crop losses for farmers. Also killing a beautifully colored bird predicts that we will get away from those people who interfere with our dreams.

buy a bird

The fact of buying a beautiful bird with beautiful and bright colors is a good omen, because it announces that our well-being will increase a lot and we will feel more relaxed.

See the nest of a colorful bird

If in the dream we see a bird’s nest that has many colors, it shows that we are trying to imitate other people’s business. If the bird‘s nest has eggs, it augurs good luck for coming into our lives. But if the eggs in the nest are broken, then this dream means disappointments and heartache. Seeing that the nest has chicks or chicks with colored feathers, indicates that we will make good contacts to achieve our goals. But if the chicks fall out of the nest, then it heralds great sadness.

Dream of colorful birds that we feed

Feeding a colorful bird indicates that there will be much disagreement within the family. If the colorful bird eats all the food, then it shows that after much discussion we will settle the differences between relatives.

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