Dream of crocodiles in dirty water

Crocodiles in real life are animals adaptable to their environment, so when we dream of one, it is showing us the flexibility in life. But being your environment dirty greatly influences the meaning, and dreaming of crocodiles in dirty water represents the dangers of our lives.

Although this type of dream is quite frequent among people, it also represents problems, deception, power, resistance, strength, control and wisdom.

Dream of crocodiles in dirty water

Seeing crocodiles in dirty water is a bad omen, as it indicates that we will soon find ourselves in trouble. The more crocodiles are in the dirty water, the more problems there will be. We will have to put our calm to the test, since it will be a very hard stage, full of pain, crying and anguish. This dream also means that a person will disappoint us with his actions, since we imagined a different future for him.

Running through dirty water while being chased by crocodiles indicates that in order to move forward, we must ask for help. Seeing a crocodile in a cage in dirty water is a sign of our struggle for power.

Meaning of dreaming of lizards in dirty water

A lizard in dirty water indicates that we will soon find out that a person to whom we entrust all our secrets is creating a plan to finish us off. Your actions will be caused by envy. Walking on the back of the lizards that are inside the dirty water indicates that although great challenges appear, we will be able to face them and get ahead.

See large crocodiles in dirty water

It predicts a serious problem that will be generated by our stubbornness. To avoid this problem we must listen to advice.

swim among crocodiles

Swimming among crocodiles that are in dirty water warns us that we are surrounded by bad people, who are capable of doing anything to see us defeated. If we swim in dirty water and are attacked by crocodiles, it predicts that our enemies will show us no mercy. When we swim in dirty waters full of crocodiles, but they are friendly and it is a good experience, it shows that we will defeat our enemies and come out victorious.

Dream of white crocodiles in dirty water

White crocodiles in dirty water warn us that bad times are coming in our lives, where we will have big problems and many disappointments, and this dream is for us to be prepared at the time of their arrival. Also this dream shows that we will feel disappointed by a person, but in reality, it is us, who had too high expectations.

If it comes out of the water and bites us

This dream shows us that we must have serenity, because when we lose our temper, we make bad decisions that can seriously affect our future. Many times by making decisions lightly, we end up hurting people we love. But if it comes out of the dirty water and bites another person, it indicates that there is someone close to us who is going through a bad time and will soon ask for our help.

Dream of crocodiles in dirty water that are dead

Seeing them dead inside the dirty water predicts the end of a stage, we will get away from the problems and we will feel a lot of peace. Also this dream indicates that we will end a friendship relationship forever. If we think that crocodiles are dead, but they are actually asleep, it indicates that we are not paying attention to important things that are happening in our lives. We must give time to organize ourselves and begin so that things begin to flow.

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