Dream of cutting hair

Dreaming of cutting hair is an unfavorable sign for our lives, since hair is a source of health and well-being. That is why a haircut usually alerts us to an approaching problem. Cutting hair in the dream represents health, business, finances, desires, events, friendships, family, enemies and rivals.

The interpretation of this kind of dream depends on the details, for example, if we cut another person’s hair, if we do it with scissors, if we cut a woman’s hair, if it is done in a hairdresser, etc. We must have very present every detail to know its meaning.

dream of cutting hair

Seeing that we are the hairdresser, and we are cutting a person’s hair, shows that we must be very careful with our expenses. If we mismanage our money we will end up losing a lot of money. When a stranger is cutting our hair, it indicates that we must be very attentive to those who are not around us. Someone we know will try to get into our projects to scam us.

Cutting very long hair predicts that great changes await us that we will have to get used to. If we do the haircut to a person in our family or a friend, it indicates that that person is in need of our help and is embarrassed to ask for it. Cutting thick hair heralds good earnings and a lot of happiness.

If someone we know cuts our hair, it means that someone we trust will betray us. Cutting a dog’s hair indicates well-being and prosperity. When our hair is cut very short and we don’t like the new cut, it shows financial problems caused by our excessive spending. Cutting a man’s hair, announces that he will soon meet the love of his life.

If we cut it ourselves

Cutting one’s own hair warns us of a family member’s health problems. We must pay more attention to the health of our loved ones, to help them when necessary. Also this dream portends great economic losses. If we cut our hair ourselves, and the cut looks very bad on us, it shows that a bad decision will change our future negatively.

Cutting your hair yourself and seeing that it looks great on you is a good omen, as it heralds peace, harmony and happiness in your life. If we cut someone’s hair and that person gets angry, it shows failure and betrayal by people close to us. Cutting someone’s hair and leaving him bald indicates big changes with new opportunities.

Dream of cutting someone else’s hair

Costing another person’s hair warns us of a danger, we must be more cautious to prevent it. If we cut another person’s hair very short, it announces a great economic loss, which will lead us to have to go through times of scarcity. If we are hairdressers and we cut a woman’s hair in our salon, it alerts us to big problems that are about to appear.

cut it with scissors

If we see in the dream that we cut long hair with scissors, it heralds good news. If the hair that we cut with scissors has gray hair, it indicates a lot of tranquility and harmonious times that we will enjoy a lot. Cutting hair with golden scissors predicts unexpected profits that will get us out of many financial troubles. Having scissors in hand to cut hair is very positive, as it shows that we will achieve our goals.

Dream of cutting a woman’s hair

The longer the hair we cut the woman, the more significant the change will be. But if we cut a woman’s hair and she loves her new cut, it is a very positive dream. Announces that we will leave behind sorrows, problems, burdens and begin to enjoy life.

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