Dream of destroyed house

Dreaming of a destroyed house warns us of approaching problems. Also the interpretation of this dream shows how we are or how we are inside in real life, maybe we are not as strong as we appear on the outside.

A destroyed house in the dream symbolizes problems in the family, with friends, financial problems and bad decisions.

dream of destroyed house 

Dreaming that our house is destroyed indicates that many problems will begin in the family, these will be generated as a result of false gossip. Seeing a destroyed house indicates that we will do our best to avoid problems, but we will not succeed. If the house is destroyed due to a fire, we must be very careful, since we could be victims of a robbery.

Entering a destroyed house, indicates that if we continue wasting our money, later we will see ourselves in great economic problems, to the point of being bankrupt. We will regret wasting our money. If the destroyed house is empty, it indicates that we are not happy with our current situation, but we do not know how we can change it.

See childhood home destroyed

This is a bad omen, as it indicates serious problems in the family, which will be difficult to solve. If the childhood home that is destroyed collapses, it indicates that a family secret will come to light that will generate many conflicts. Another meaning of this dream is that we are in need of the love and affection of our family.

Someone else’s house destroyed in the dream

He points out that they will seem like old memories again. These will bring a lot of pain and will remind us of broken promises. To overcome it we must focus our energy on meditation or sports.

Dream about a destroyed house that looks big

It shows that we will achieve our professional fulfillment after much effort and many difficulties. If the big house that we see in ruins is ours, it indicates that we will lose some material goods, due to bad decisions we have made. Also this dream means that we will go bankrupt because of having wasted our money.

If we see that the house is made of wood

Seeing that a wooden house is destroyed indicates that we will move away from our friends and family, because we would like to spend some time alone meditating and trying to improve as people.

Interpretation of dreaming of a destroyed house that is abandoned

When the abandoned house is completely destroyed, it shows that we will not have enough strength to deal with the problems. Also this dream can mean that if we are more in contact with people, we will avoid many problems. We must be cautious when treating others.

See that grandma’s house got destroyed

Seeing that our grandmother’s house is destroyed, indicates that we are going through many problems and we want to turn back time. Until we can accept reality and face problems, our desire to turn back time will not go away. But if we dream that our grandmother’s house is destroyed, and she has died in real life, it reflects the impotence we feel due to the number of problems we have accumulated and we do not know how to solve.

What does it mean to dream of a house destroyed by fire?

If the house destroyed by fire is ours, it indicates that we will meet a person who will be dishonest. When we see that the house destroyed by fire belongs to another person, it is a good omen. It shows that we will turn away from what weighs us down. It may be that we get rid of a bad habit, leave behind a troublesome person or move to a better place, whatever it is, our life will start to improve.

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