Dream of dry leaves

What do dry leaves mean in a dream? They show unrealistic hopes, sad expectations, failed dreams, dark and negative thoughts. Dreaming of dry leaves also represents autumn.

But this dream is not always negative, since if we see the dry leaves on our feet, it portends a bright future in all aspects. Stepping on dry leaves and feeling them crunch under our feet predicts a lot of luck, a lot of family unity and a lot of peace.

Dream of dry leaves

If we see the dry leaves, it indicates that we had a difficult life, with many losses, which lead us to despair by not finding a way out. We have reached the point of thinking that our dreams are not important and that everything we do will be in vain. If the dry leaves are a deep yellow color and look like gold, it portends a very promising future to come. When the dry leaves are small, it predicts small mishaps. If the leaves are large, the setbacks will be large and difficult to overcome.

What does it mean to dream of sweeping them?

It shows that with will power and a positive mind our future will be very good, and all problems will be left behind. If we sweep them up and put them in the garbage bag, then we will accept the mistakes of the past and focus on our future and our family.

If a young girl dreams of dry leaves

It alerts you that your beloved partner will leave you. It also shows that if you are about to get married, your boyfriend is having doubts about the marriage.

Meaning of dreaming of dry leaves falling from a tree

It predicts that things are going from bad to worse, and that we can get sick from stress. Although things do not go as planned, we must take things very easy. Remember that everything happens.

Dream in which we see plants with their dry leaves

This symbolizes the goals and dreams that we fail to fulfill. It also suggests that our state of mind and the mental fatigue we are going through are the main cause of unfulfilled goals and dreams. Only by believing in ourselves and reminding ourselves that the sun always rises after the storm, will we get ahead.

See a broken branch with dry leaves

This portends a lot of suffering and pain that we will have to endure. If the branch with dry leaves is in our way and prevents us from passing, it represents problems that will appear unexpectedly. When, despite the fact that the branch is in the way, we still pass and continue, then it indicates that we will overcome all the obstacles that come our way and we will get ahead.

If the dry leaves are maple

It is a very positive dream. It augurs the acquisition of goods and a streak of very good luck, where everything will be successful.

Burn the leaves in the dream

It is a very good sign, since it shows that our partner is sorry for the mistakes of the past. Now the love we feel is mutual, and he will do whatever it takes to make us feel good and happy. He has realized that he wants to spend the rest of his life by our side.

Dreaming of dry leaves that we collect from the floor

It alerts us to difficult times that are yet to come. If it is winter when we are collecting the leaves, it portends a great change in our lives. This can be moving to another city, receiving an inheritance or a pleasure trip that will be very pleasant.

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