Dream of eating chicken

Most of the time dreaming of eating chicken is something positive. For example: if the chicken we eat looks natural, it is roasted, it is healthy and it does not have dressings. The opposite is true if the chicken we eat is fatty, full of sauces and unhealthy.

Eating chicken in our dream symbolizes a lot of confidence in our lives, and that will help us overcome fears, anxiety and obstacles. We should be proud to face what used to frighten us.

Dream of eating chicken with sauce, fat or spicy

If we eat chicken that has sauce, a lot of fat or is very spicy, and is prepared with dressings that are not natural, it predicts great economic losses caused by spending on things that are not necessary. Whereas if the chicken looks healthy, it has no salt, it’s grilled, no seasoning, then it’s very positive. It augurs that the businesses or projects will be successful. Also this dream portends a lot of happiness in love and family.

See us eating rice with chicken

This shows us that all our projects or businesses will be successful and will give us a lot of economic gain, and will bring us peace and financial security.

Meaning of dreaming about eating fried chicken

This dream augurs wealth, prosperity and a life full of abundance. Also this dream shows us that we will feel confident after humiliating the one who harassed us for so long. We will begin to laugh at the humiliations he did to us and how bad we felt, because we will be able to gain all the confidence that we had lost because of him. Negatively, this dream shows that our enemies win easily and they always get what they want. We must work on our confidence.

Dream in which people we dislike eat chicken

It represents the jealousy we feel towards our enemies. We have lost a lot of confidence in ourselves and feel helpless before them and the problems we face. Another meaning to this dream may be that we are gaining confidence in ourselves, but in a bad way. We are being arrogant, dishonest and immoral, or the trust we are gaining is by being mean to other people.

What portends to dream of eating cooked chicken?

It represents the economic problems we have in real life. If we cook the chicken we eat ourselves, it shows that we will improve our business thanks to advice that the family will give us.

Prediction of dreaming about eating chicken wings

It shows that we are increasing our self-esteem, doing small exercises every day, like challenging ourselves to overcome our fears little by little. If the chicken wings are spicy, it shows that our self-esteem is rising, but the challenges we set for ourselves are somewhat dangerous.

Eat chicken meat in the dream

It augurs many triumphs that are about to happen in our lives, and along with them, happiness will come again to the family.

If we dream that we eat chicken soup

It is a very positive dream, it portends that we will expand our business and we will need more staff to be able to manage it. Everything will be all right.

Explanation of dreaming of eating raw chicken

It indicates that we will have a lot of confidence in situations that can become dangerous or unpleasant. We will challenge our enemy and overcome our fears. If we put some seasoning on raw chicken before eating it, it means that we will lose a fight with our enemy.

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