Dream of embers

Dreaming of embers represents our emotions, our energies and our human warmth. Therefore, it is very important to remember in what form the embers were presented in our dream.

Also when we dream of embers, it shows the stress we are having, as well as crises, changes and problems that we are going through. A decisive detail for the interpretation of the dream is to remember if the embers are going out, if they are igniting, or have already turned into fire.

Dream of embers

Seeing embers in the dream indicates that we have been carried away by emotions without thinking about the consequences. Now we will begin to see the effects of having acted impulsively. If we see the embers that the fire has left, it means that perhaps it is better to stop trying to revive a project that will only consume our energy. In the end it will not leave us anything productive in our life.

If the embers fall to the floor, it signals that we will do something very frivolous of which we will later regret. But it will be too late for regrets and we will have to bear the consequences. Placing embers in the kitchen of our house refers to a business trip that will give good results. If they give us embers, it predicts unexpected riches.

Embers that shine, indicates that a new stage begins that we will enjoy very much. Opening the oven and seeing that there are embers, indicates that we will not be able to avoid the misfortunes or problems that are coming. So there is no reason for us to feel guilty or responsible for them.

See the embers go out

If we see embers that go out in the dream, it shows that we will have many unexpected problems and disappointments. There are times when it will be necessary to remain calm. Watching the embers slowly fade is a sign of anxiety and failed deals.

Dream of coal embers

To be moving or arranging the coal embers, predicts many joys in our life. At last luck will be on our side.

If they are on

Seeing burning embers in the fire indicates that we are abandoning our spiritual side and that spirituality was the one that achieved a balance in our emotions. If the burning embers are bright red, it is a very positive dream, because it announces that those changes that we have been waiting for will finally arrive.

Holding the burning embers with our hands reflects the sacrifice we will make to achieve our goals. Quenching them with water is the announcement of many problems that are coming. When we light the embers and the fire begins to burn, it predicts a lot of money, abundance, joy and family togetherness.

See hot coals on a grill

The embers burning in a grill or barbecue, shows that the relationship with our co-workers will become more competitive and less friendly. Putting hot coals on the grill to start cooking meat portends very pleasant events. Taking out all the embers from the barbecue indicates that we will have financial problems due to the mismanagement that we give to our money.

Seeing a grill with many embers shows that positive changes are coming in our lives. But if the embers of the barbecue are out, it means that problems and dramas that are difficult to solve are coming. To be roasting meat and to see that it falls on the embers, shows that we will look for a partner to start with new commercial projects.

Dream of burning embers

When the embers are burning, it means that we will start a business that will cost us a lot of effort, but it will be very promising. If sparks come out of the burning embers, it portends successful businesses. It is a good time to start new projects. Finding embers burning indicates that someone will offer us a deal that will not be entirely decent. Burning our hands with a burning ember augurs a lot of work and headaches to come.

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