Dream of evil witches

Bad witches in a dream can show our wishes to have a magic wand to end our problems. Dreaming of evil witches also symbolizes betrayal, bad business, deception, disappointment, difficulties and problems that are to come into our lives.

The meaning of this type of dream also represents a person we do not trust, and our subconscious reminds us that we have to get away from them.

Dream of evil witches

Seeing a witch bad omen that we will have problems in our home and that will make us disappointed, since they will stop the progress we were making. It also alerts us that due to lack of will and attention we will have problems in our work. In another meaning of this dream, it shows our struggle to have fun and adventures, but if we lose control, it will only lead to humiliation.

Kill a bad witch in the dream

It is an extremely positive dream. He predicts that we will decide to end a friendship relationship with someone who not only envies us a lot, but also does us evil behind our backs. Once distanced from that person, our lives will improve a lot and new opportunities will begin to arise.

Meaning of dreaming about evil witches who laugh

It puts us on alert to take care of our money. Friends who are bad company will try to make us waste our money on unnecessary things. We will need a lot of that money later.

The wicked witch is our friend

This dream means that in difficult times we will only depend on ourselves, since no one will help us.

Dreaming of evil witches who collect herbs

They collect them to make spells or witchcraft. It indicates that we will take revenge on the person who has caused us a lot of pain and suffering.

If a bad witch gives us things

The dream shows that someone who is not very trustworthy will help us to achieve our goals. Then that person will have an advantage over us.

Meaning of dreaming about evil witches who read hands

It points out that someone will create many illusions for us and then deceive us. It also alerts us to a friendship that is raising intrigue over us behind our backs.

Dream in which evil witches hit with the broom

Or they hit us with their shoes, it predicts work and family problems. Everything will quickly turn into chaos in our life and we will feel defeated. People we trusted will enjoy our defeat.

See wicked old witches

This warns us that someone will get sick, we have to be very attentive to the health of ourselves and our family.

Explanation of dreaming about evil witches flying on broomsticks

Seeing them fly in the sky means that a situation will happen to us that will be unreal. Also this dream shows that we will make a mistake, which we will regret for the rest of our lives.

Becoming a bad witch during sleep

It indicates that we are very impulsive people and we will soon have to make a very delicate decision for our life. We must analyze things well to avoid making the wrong decision, which can change our entire lives.

Dreaming of evil witches attacking us

And we have no way of getting rid of them, it shows that we are disappointed by something someone in the family did. But if the witch attacks us and we can free ourselves, it indicates that the problems that arise will end up being a misunderstanding.

What does it mean to help an evil witch in danger?

It predicts that we are going through a moment in real life in which we are feeling overwhelmed. We cannot see the way out of any problem that afflicts us, and we are simply willing to do anything to get out of our situation.

Meaning of dreaming about evil witches in the forest

It signals that we have to accept the situation and we must move on. There is no going back in what we have done.

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