Dream of fallen trees

Dreaming of fallen trees indicates that we are going the wrong way in our life. We are making bad decisions when trying to reach our goals. Also the fallen trees indicate that we are chasing the wrong dreams.

A dream with fallen trees represents business, health, our goals, fears, anxiety, our emotions and our goals.

Dream of fallen trees 

This type of dream indicates that we should not leave our projects halfway, since after not finishing what we started, it will be our greatest regret in life. Seeing many fallen trees and branches predicts health problems for a family member. Fallen trees predict bad deals or deals with great economic losses.

Meaning of dreaming of falling trees

Seeing trees falling predicts that a losing streak is coming for our work. This dream also indicates that to achieve our dreams, we will need more work than we had thought. But if we manage to walk through the falling trees, then it is very positive for us, because it indicates that we will achieve our goals despite the obstacles.

Trees fall in a forest

This dream shows that we will achieve our goals with a lot of effort, despite our fears. If the trees are falling because they are being cut down, it indicates that we feel very tired, lacking energy, strength and time to do the things we enjoy the most. All this is causing us a lot of anxiety, we have to take it easy, since we will soon have that free time that we want to have.

Tree falls because we cut it

If we cut down a tree and it falls, it indicates that we are using our precious time doing irrational things. This is leading us down the wrong path. We need to refocus and start putting our energy into our goals.

Dreaming of fallen trees that we climb

It shows that we are trying to get a better job, or better profits in our business, but to achieve this we are putting aside the moral and we are letting ourselves be carried away by bad influences. This will make everything end badly. We will lose our job, or our business will go out of business, if we don’t do things right.

If the fallen trees are apple trees

It represents a very good person close to us who is going through a bad time and has begun to lose the course of his life, making bad decisions that will cost him his reputation.

If the fallen trees are acacias

It indicates that a person we know is bad, and although we are willing to make him change his way of being, we will never achieve it. This person will always remain bad and acting bad. We must not waste our energy trying to change it.

What does it mean to dream of green and lush fallen trees?

This dream shows us that if we act responsibly and take the right path, we will easily achieve our dreams. If we cut down a green tree and it falls, it indicates that we are wasting our hard-earned money. We have to stop and start taking reasonable action.

See a fallen tree in our yard

If the fallen tree was already dry or dead, it augurs great changes to come. If the fallen tree had green leaves or flowers, it predicts that unexpected failures are coming. Seeing that the tree that fell is huge indicates that we will achieve our goals, but happiness will not last long before we fail again.

Dreaming of trees fallen by a hurricane or strong winds

It points out that many new challenges are about to come into our lives. Also this dream shows that we will get involved in problems, but all will be caused by our fault. For being making hasty decisions without analyzing them well. We must begin to listen to advice from people with more experience to prevent problems.

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