Dream of frogs jumping

We always get a little confused when dreaming of jumping toads, since these little animals are unattractive for most people. This type of dream can warn us about possible threats or betrayals.

When the toads are jumping in the dream, it represents the transformation of the mind, changes, deception, distrust, gossip, bad friendships and new adventures. For a good interpretation of the dream we must pay attention to small details, such as the color of the toad that jumps, the size or where we saw it jumping.

Dream of frogs jumping

Seeing that toads jump around us warns us of a deception on the part of a person who is very close to us. We must be very careful to know who to trust. If the jumping toad is huge, it shows that a friendship, which we see as compassionate, kind and sincere, is actually the opposite of what we think. If we kill the jumping toad, it indicates that we will be harshly judged for our way of seeing things.

Catching the jumping toad predicts many joys to come into our lives. When we put the toad that is jumping in a cage or box, it reflects that we are fed up with a situation we are going through. We can’t wait for it to end so we can have peace. If jumping toads scare us, it predicts that a fight will end with a scandalous exhibition. A single toad jumping in the garden of a house, predicts a year of drought in all aspects.

If there is a toad jumping against a wall, it calls us to attention so that we make a transformation in our lives. The way we’re going, we’re not going to get anywhere. Toads jumping on a path or highway predicts many obstacles to reach our goals. Hearing the croaking of frogs jumping, shows us that we will encounter a big problem at work. If we manage to fix it, we will have a great reward from the boss.

If the jumping toads are big

Big toads jumping in the dream indicate that we will have a deterioration of our well-being. We will lose goods or money. If there are many big toads that are jumping, it portends betrayal by a loved one.

Dream of toads jumping on our body

Seeing that the toads jump on our body indicates that we will embark on a new adventure that will end up being unlucky. Squashing the frog that is jumping on our body, and feeling disgust, signals that an unresolved problem will end unpleasantly. If they jump to our body and touch our face, it portends health problems.

When the toads we see jump with blacks

If the toad that we see jumping is black, it alerts us that a conversation that will begin in a pleasant way will end in strong arguments. Both parties will be emotionally wounded. But if the black toads jump towards us, it alerts us to evil secrets around us.

What if they are green?

A green toad that is jumping indicates that gossip will cause the relationship with our partner, or a family member, to distance. We must not fall into false gossip, that the only thing they do is distance us from loved ones.

What does it mean to dream of toads jumping all over the house?

If the house is full of toads jumping everywhere, it shows that we will soon detect selfish, envious and very cunning people within our friendships, who are trying to betray us. Getting the toads that are jumping out of the house predicts the death of someone close to us. Seeing them jump into our room indicates that there is a person who is very close to us, who is trying to hurt us or commit us to shady things. We must be very careful.

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