The orchard is directly related to benefits, to wealth, to the reward for effort or work done, therefore dreaming of an orchard or orchard may be reflecting that you are waiting to receive something, but it can also be the omen of a stage of economic boom, of abundance, of very beneficial opportunities around you…

The characteristics of the garden, its appearance and even the fruits that are grown in it will be the key to better analyze its meaning.

Dream of an orchard of fruit trees

If you dream of an orchard of fruit trees, it means that you are going to live a very prosperous stage personally and materially or economically. This dream augurs good times to carry out sales operations, purchases, legal issues, finances, mortgages… since luck favors you.

Also when you have this dream it can be the omen of a stroke of luck in games of chance.

Dream of a vegetable garden

When you dream of a vegetable garden, it means that a time of professional or personal recognition is coming for you, that you are going to receive a well-deserved reward, either through a salary increase, an amount of extra money, a promotion or an opportunity. of professional improvement, in the personal field it can be the news of a pregnancy, of a long-awaited reunion of the return of someone special…

Dream of a dry or in poor condition garden

If you dream of a dry orchard, without fruit in poor condition or abandoned, it means that you could have economic or material losses due to a bad decision, the interference of third parties or other causes. When you have this dream you must take extreme precautions when making decisions that affect your finances or your assets. This dream is also the harbinger of a time of scarcity, a time that is not conducive to launching business projects, making economic transactions or carrying out purchases or sales.

Dream of a garden with a lot of sun

When you dream of an orchard bathed in the sun, it means that all the circumstances that surround you will be in your favor to achieve what you want or propose, that is, you have everything on your side to be able to rise with an important success, profit or progress. .

Dream of a dark orchard, without sun

On the contrary, if you dream of an orchard that does not get the sun, gloomy, dark, it means that although you will have profits, you will achieve your goals or you will achieve success in what you propose, it will take time to materialize due to different causes that postpone it in the future. weather.

Dream of a garden full of plants and fruits

If you dream of a very lush orchard with many plants or trees and flowers or fruits, it means that you are in the right place and at the perfect time to get something very important or valuable that positively influences your professional or personal future.

Dream that you collect the fruits in the orchard

If you dream that you collect the fruits in an orchard, it means that you are about to receive an expected amount of money, a very profitable job or business proposal, that you are about to achieve something very significant for yourself or for your future.

Dream that you water a garden

Dreaming that you irrigate an orchard with water means that you are making the right decisions, what you are doing what you should, the most convenient for you, for your work, for your personal or financial interests and in a specific time you will see results to those decisions, works or actions you are carrying out.

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