Dream of going down stairs

Dreaming of going down stairs symbolizes business, effort, problems, changes, partner, profits and disagreements. Everything will depend on the context of the dream.

A ladder in dreams represents the path of our life, that is why this type of dream warns us of ups and downs that we will soon find on our way.

dream of going down stairs

Going down stairs indicates that great changes will soon come to our lives. If we manage to go down the ladder to the end, without any inconvenience, it predicts that we will be rewarded for our great effort. Going down stairs barefoot alerts us to possible theft. When we go down a black staircase, it indicates that if we do not focus our energy on productive things, this bad routine will absorb us and we will lose many valuable things.

Going down a ladder that we do not see the end of, shows that in order to get out of the problem in which we find ourselves, we will have to resort to our past experiences. If when going down the stairs we see that it has carpets, it predicts that luck will not be in our favor. It is best to wait to start new projects. If we see ourselves going down white stairs, it shows that we must do simpler things in order to enjoy life more.

Going down stairs accompanied 

Going down a ladder accompanied, indicates that we will encounter unpleasant things at work, and that will make us want to give everything to achieve better job performance. If we are going down the stairs accompanied, but we do it quickly, it shows that if we are not careful what we say, we will get into a lot of trouble.

If we lower them too fast

Going down the stairs very quickly and feeling dizzy indicates that we will stop fighting to get a business forward. Also the fact of feeling dizzy when going down the stairs quickly, can represent our lack of will to do things.

dream of going down steep stairs

When going down steep stairs, it indicates that we will try hard, but the only thing we will receive is ingratitude from the other party. That will make us feel very frustrated and angry.

Running down stairs in the dream

Running down stairs means that we will soon find ourselves in a lot of trouble with our sentimental partner, since we are not meeting her expectations.

When the stairs we go down are made of wood

This type of dream shows that we will have to make a difficult decision that will change our lives completely. This decision can be sentimental, family or work. It will take a long time to make it, but when we do, it will be the right decision.

Dream of going down stairs and falling

If we fall down the stairs while going down, we must be prepared, since our efforts will be in vain. Also this type of dream means that there will be very big changes in our life, which will be out of our control. It may be relationship, family, health or work problems, but there will be nothing we can do to fix the situation. If a woman dreams that she falls down the stairs, it marks the end of her romantic relationship. But we must be careful when fighting for someone who is not worth it, because in that senseless fight, we can lose family and friends who appreciate us.

If the stairs are broken

When we go down some stairs and find that they are broken, it predicts that everything we do will be a failure.

See us going down spiral stairs

Going down a spiral staircase, it shows that we will overcome problems after a lot of work and effort. If we stumble on the spiral staircase, it indicates that we should forget about it, since our efforts will be in vain.

When the stairs we go down are mechanical

Going down some escalators, they announce that we will have to have a lot of ingenuity to overcome difficulties.

What does it mean to dream of going down slippery stairs?

If when trying to go down the ladder we find it difficult because its steps are slippery, this dream alerts us to problems that are approaching without imagining them.

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