Dream of green fruits

When we see green or unripe fruits in the dream, you show the nonconformity that we have in our real life. Also dreaming of green fruits predicts difficult times to come, which will have many problems and difficulties that will be difficult to solve.

Green fruits symbolize problems, difficulties, control of our life, our future and efforts. Another possible meaning of this dream shows that our hasty actions will turn into failed attempts for our plans.

Dream of green fruits

It indicates that we have to rethink our life and see if we really like how we are living it. In our hands is the opportunity to change things. Green fruits on a tree portend a troubled future.

eat green fruits

When we eat them, it shows us that our actions and all our efforts will be in vain. It also augurs the beginning of a losing streak. If a woman in the dream eats an unripe fruit, she portends a loss of her morals and that will make her family disinherit her. Seeing that someone we know eats unripe fruits predicts an uncertain future for that person. Her job offers will be unreliable.

See what green fruits give us

It augurs the arrival of problems and difficulties that are very difficult to solve. We will only be able to get out of them with the help of a family member.

Meaning of dreaming of green fruits that we find

It predicts that our business plans will soon collapse, when we see that they are not profitable as we thought.

If green apples appear in the dream

It indicates that to achieve the success we seek in the workplace, we will have to work harder than we think.

When we see green lemons in the dream

It portends illness of someone close to us. If we eat the unripe lemons, then someone will embarrass us in front of everyone, and we will be very offended by that person.

If the green fruit of the dream is a peach

And they are very harsh, because of how immature they are, it indicates that someone in the family will be very cruel to us. After that altercation we will be away from the family for a long time.

When the green fruit in the dream is a cherry

It is a positive dream, since it predicts the arrival of a stage of luck and happiness.

Dreaming of green fruits that we buy

They symbolize our businesses that are very large, but not very profitable. To achieve the profitability we want we will have to make big changes in planning. This dream also shows that we are very gullible and easily deceived by any person.

Dreaming of green fruit in our house

It warns us that if we don’t take the time to think through and plan our projects, the rush will kill them.

See a pile or mountain of green fruit

It predicts that we will have a marriage full of conflicts. That will cause us a lot of unhappiness.

Dreaming of rotting green fruits

It signals that our hopes will be dashed by something unexpected.

See in the dream a table with green fruits

It indicates that we will lose a great deal because of a friend.

When we dream of giving green fruits

It shows that someone in our family is in need of our help. We have to be very understanding with that person, because he will fall into a great sadness.

Throw green fruit in the trash

This is a very auspicious dream, as it marks the beginning of a streak of good luck, good news, and a lot of joy.

Meaning of dreaming of green fruits that we wash

It indicates that the luck that will come soon will not last long. This dream also means that we overthink things, opportunities will pass and we will miss them.

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