Dream of green leaves

Green leaves in dreams symbolize happiness and the improvement of our business. When dreaming of green leaves, we have to take into account the intensity of the green color in the leaf, since the greener the leaves, the more fortune and happiness we will have.

When we see green leaves in a dream, they can also represent the love experiences we have, predict illnesses, show us the future of our business and the joy of our life.

Dream of green leaves

Seeing green and fresh leaves, predicts that we will receive a large sum of money for an inheritance. It also predicts that our businesses will go better than we planned and we will have profits that we never imagined, that will make us very happy. This dream can also mean that we will marry a very successful person and we will be very happy, since we are made for each other. Having green leaves placed on our head or our feet, augurs a wonderful future. If we see that they grow on trees, it portends growth and strength.

See green leaves that fell from the tree

It points out that our businesses will start to go from bad to worse. If we collect the green leaves that are on the ground, and make them into a bouquet, or put them in a basket, it is very positive. It augurs good health and successful business. This dream also predicts that we will go through moments of great sadness, we will suffer a couple of negative events and they will all happen at the same time. But thanks to that bad moment that we will have to live, we will discover that some of the people we trust are not what they seem to be.

Meaning of dreaming of green leaves withering

It teaches that we are giving ourselves false hope, which will lead us to experience moments of despair and anguish when we see that nothing turns out as we thought. If a young woman dreams of withering green leaves, it predicts that her lover will leave her shortly before the wedding. Another possible meaning of this dream alerts us to an illness.

Find fallen branch full of green leaves

It indicates that we will soon recover from an illness. It also shows that we will get out of that stage of negativity in which we find ourselves, and a stage full of new possibilities will begin that will make us happy again.

If the leaves are light green

It means that we are going through a stage of mental exhaustion and a lot of fatigue, due to unfulfilled hopes. We have to start trusting ourselves and start working hard to achieve our dreams.

Tree full of leaves in the dream

It predicts that our businesses will be very successful and we will be able to start up with new projects. It also shows that we will have new experiences in love.

What does it mean to dream of large green leaves?

This dream promises new acquisitions that will bring us good luck and improvements to our lives. You must be vigilant to take advantage of opportunities.

Dream that we set fire to green leaves

It predicts that the intense love we feel for our partner will soon turn into an intense rivalry. It is better to take precautions in the face of such a difficult situation that may be approaching.

Find green oak leaves

It predicts that we will be very happy for having achieved our dreams and goals, after having dedicated so many hours and effort.

A vine with green leaves in our dream

He points out that despite the fact that they try to embarrass us and make us look bad in front of the people we know, we will not give it much importance and continue with our lives.

Dream about green fern leaves

It predicts that we will have a fight with people in our family who are already of advanced age. We must be careful to avoid a greater evil.

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