Dream of green parrots

Dreaming of green parakeets symbolizes superficiality. Also the frivolous attitude we have when doing our business.

In addition, this type of dream indicates that we should not listen to advice from strangers, or who are not close to us. Green parakeets in dreams represent secrets, gossip, betrayal, falsehood and envy. But they can also portend good things in the dream.

Dream of green parrots

Seeing green parakeets that are calm predicts that arguments due to disagreements in the family will calm down. If a green parakeet enters our house, it means that around us we have many false people who envy us. When the green parakeet is calm, it predicts that we will have a lot of peace and good times with the family. If we see many green parakeets together, it means that we accidentally found out a secret.

Seeing that a green parakeet is cleaning its feathers shows that a person with purchasing power will help us a lot to progress with our life. If the parakeet is eating seeds in the dream, it means that slowly and with work, we will be able to overcome the problems.

green parakeets in sleep

If we are teaching budgies to talk, it shows that we will have problems. If we feed them in the dream, it shows that our partner is very gossipy. Seeing a green parakeet walk on the ground predicts that we will have to use all our creativity to get ahead.

Dream of talking green parrots

It indicates that we should be more reserved and not tell our things, since we can share private information that another person can use against us, to ruin our reputation. If the green parrots are talking to us, it portends activities that will not leave us anything good, and gossip that will be spoken behind our backs, among those we consider our friends.

If the parrot that speaks is inside our house, it is very positive, since it announces a lot of union and love within the family. Trying to make a green parakeet talk, but he refuses, even though he knows, is positive, since it announces that all family disputes will end.

See the dead parakeets

If we see that the green parakeets are dead in our dream, it foretells that we will lose a great friend.

green parakeets screaming

Hearing that the green parakeets scream very loudly shows that a person who sends us a lot is doing us a lot of damage.

Dream about sick green parakeets

Seeing that green parakeets are sick, it indicates that we are very superficial people, and that superficiality will end up becoming a big problem for us.

If the parakeets are in a cage

When we see that they are locked in a cage, it shows that we have our enemies under control. If it is in the cage and tries to bite us, it symbolizes false friendships. If we cover the cage of the green parakeets with a dark blanket, it alerts us to gossip that will hurt us a lot. Seeing how a parakeet sleeps in the cage indicates that there will be a lot of peace within our home.

Buy a green parakeet in the dream

When we buy a green parakeet it means that we will find out gossip about ourselves, and we will not be able to believe what we are hearing.

Meaning of dreaming of green parakeets flying

It portends that we will receive news from someone who lives far away, and they will fill us with joy.

See the parakeets singing

If we like to hear the green parakeets sing, it predicts joy and a beautiful period full of many illusions.

Dreaming of green parakeets in a tree

This dream shows that we will discover some rumors about us, which will ruin our lives, since they will make our reputation sink completely. You need to take the necessary precautions.

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