Dream of green trees

Dreaming of green trees represents the direction of our life in which we are going. If we are determined and persistent, we will be able to achieve the projects that we have started.

When in the dream we see green trees, it warns us that we should not abandon things in the middle, since doing so will be our greatest regret.

Dream of green trees

Seeing a large green tree shows us the beginning of a new stage in life, which will be full of prosperity and fortune. When there are many trees and they are all green, it predicts that we will overcome all problems successfully, we will make our projects very profitable, which will allow us to be independent, and this will fill us with joy. If the green tree that we see suddenly begins to priest, it indicates that sadness and disappointments are coming.

Walking under the green trees indicates that there will be a lot of togetherness and happiness in the family. See how the leaves fall from the tree, means great economic losses. Sitting under a tree that is green, augurs good news that will come soon. Observing that the green tree is very fragile, indicates that it lacks the strength to achieve success.

Climb a green tree

If we see in the dream that we are climbing a tree that is green, it augurs success in business, and we will achieve it thanks to the fact that we will be more responsible and organized. It also augurs the beginning of a period full of joys. Going up to reach its fruits shows that after so much time and dedication, we will achieve our dreams. Picking the fruits of a green tree also means that we will have windfall profits.

See we plant them

When we plant a lot of green trees, it means that we will have very good profits, or we will receive an inheritance. Seeing that all the green trees that we just planted begin to bear flowers is very positive, as it predicts that our dreams will come true. If we plant it and pour water on it, it shows that we will not be able to fulfill our dreams, and we will enter a stage of great sadness and loneliness.

Dreaming of green trees that we cut down

If we nip them from the bud, it shows that we are wasting our full potential and our hard-earned savings. But if we cut down the green tree for firewood, it indicates that we will start a battle to achieve our goals. Cutting green trees that are very lush, signals great sadness.

Forest full of green trees

It indicates that we will change businesses, and these will bring good income. It also augurs that luck is about to come into our lives. To see that the forest begins to burn, contrary to what we think, is a positive dream, since it augurs the end of a hard stage and the beginning of the realization of our goals, prosperity and success.

Meaning of dreaming of green trees full of worms

This shows us that problems will come from all sides. We will be threatened by so many problems and obstacles that we will not know how to solve them. You will have to remain calm to avoid greater evils.

If the tree is small

If the green tree that we see in the dream is small, it calls our attention to be more careful with our family or our partner, since we are spending our time on things that are not enriching for our life.

Dream About Green Oak Trees

It shows that we are very strong and resistant, that we fight to the point of exhaustion to achieve our goals. It also augurs a lot of health and a long life. Being hidden behind a green oak, means that soon problems will overtake us and we will have to ask for help. Seeing the oak’s leaves fall signals that problems will arise that we will not be able to handle and we will feel powerless.

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