What does it mean to dream of hands?

We express ourselves with our hands, and the ability to read body language is a valuable source of information. In the same way, in the dream state the hands can reveal information about the emotions, intentions and manifest behaviors.

For example, if in the dream you see clenched fists, you may have a lot of repressed anger. Sometimes outstretched hands indicate that you need and may be willing to develop close friendships. If the hands in your dream are caressing, you may feel sexy.

In your dream you can have

  • I have seen your own hands.
  • I’ve seen someone else’s hands.
  • Shake someone’s hand.
  • You had a pain in your hands.
  • I noticed a scar on your hands.
  • You have been given an item.
  • I have seen the hands of a child.
  • I have seen the hands of a woman.
  • Have you seen the right hand or the left hand?
  • Noticed that the hands were clean or dirty.
  • Seen hands clenched or folded.
  • Warm hands.
  • Seen big or small hands.
  • He used his hands for an activity such as eating.
  • I have seen many hands.
  • Feel cold hands.
  • You have washed your hands.
  • I have seen the hands of a baby.
  • I have seen a hand made of gold.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You are ready to hide for a while.
  • You are open to receiving blessings.
  • You try to avoid anger.

The detailed interpretation of dreams

The hand is an important dream aspect in all cultures, and therefore has many interpretations. In the Eastern tradition it symbolizes a sister, a brother and a son, but also money. The dream of cutting off one’s or the other’s hand or wrist predicts that money is earned. It is good to dream of a white hand. In this case you get rid of some unpleasant problems, and one wish of yours will come true.

Long hands can be the sign of fame, honor and power. In the Western tradition, dirty hands seen in dreams portend that a relative or someone close to you is in danger, while clean hands mean that in real life you will solve a problem that has given you big problems. A very good sign is if you dream of baby hands. This means that you will be financially successful. To dream that you wash your hands foretells that you will get rid of some worries in the near future. The most interesting and strange dream is that of a golden hand. It announces great wealth in real life.

Dreaming of hands shows that you have full creativity in what you are currently working on. It means that a passion has arisen, and that you are ready to work to make it happen. If you find something heavy in your hand, or you are juggling, this shows that a situation needs to be analyzed properly to make the right decision. A hand left in the wild represents that someone is likely to deceive you.

Clasped hands often demonstrate a friendship that is likely to last. If your hands are folded, you need to hide and mentally heal yourself. It could also refer to the fact that things in your life have been pretty hectic. If in your dream you see the hands of an old man, this indicates that you have to make wise decisions for you to progress in your life. If you dream of washing your hands, it means that you have a feeling of guilt, and you are trying to make up for and end whatever bad things happened in your life.

Nail polish shows that you are trying not to face the right circumstances in the waking world. A large hand can indicate that you have been chosen by a spirit to carry out an important task. Things will become clearer in the near future. If your hands are praying or the palms are turned towards the sky, this may mean that you will soon receive a blessing that will make you happy.

To dream that you see beautiful hands or the hands of someone who works with them means that you will benefit from a vacation after your hard work. To dream that you see wrinkled hands and old predictions that will free you from money problems. To dream that you see hands that make all kinds of signs that suggest that you could break up with a loved one. A hand with all the fingers is a sign that your business will go well and you will be prosperous.

Hands are a sign of beauty. Washing your hands in the dream predicts good times ahead. However, if in your dream you see hairy hands, it is a sign of unhappiness.

The feelings you may have encountered during a dream of hands

Charmed. Happy. Amazed. I feel good. Grateful. Observer. Pleased.

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