Dream of house fire

A very frequent dream is to dream of a house fire. In this case the house is representing ourselves and our family. That is why it is so important that we make the effort to remember every detail of the dream.

A house fire symbolizes fears, rage, anger, family, overwhelm, problems, losses, sadness, loneliness and anguish. But it can also mean joys, profits and achievements.

dream of house fire

Seeing a house fire that is out of control predicts job loss. Seeing that a house catches fire and we panic, indicates that we have experienced a very great loss that has left us perplexed. If the house fire makes us feel good, it refers to the good family we have. We must value it very much, because they would do anything for us.

Seeing the house in ruins, once the fire is over, indicates that a great failure awaits us. It can be in business or in love. Turning on the stove and then starting to burn down the house is a reflection of our desperate search for comfort. If it starts to rain and the house fire goes out, it suggests losses. These can be work, goods, security, comfort or economics.

See that someone else’s house burns in the dream

If we see that it goes up in flames, it predicts that our businesses will be more successful than expected. If we try to put out the fire, then it indicates the opposite, there will be great economic losses due to hasty decision making. But if we set fire on purpose to burn someone else’s house, it indicates that we are full of anger, jealousy, rage and frustration inside. Anything makes us explode, because we have a lot of bad energy accumulated inside.

My parents’ house burns down

When we see that our parents‘ house is burning and we do nothing to put out the fire, it predicts problems and sadness that will accompany the family for a while. We must be very united to overcome them. Seeing our parents‘ house burn down indicates that we are feeling very alone and we don’t find a way to meet people to have new experiences.

Dream about a fire in a neighboring house

It indicates that we are needing to take some time away from everything to meditate and purify ourselves. It can also mean that very positive changes are coming to our lives. Starting the fire in the neighboring house and having a good time shows that we will have a great surprise that will make us very happy.

If the one that burns is your house

Seeing our house burn down in the dream predicts that many changes are coming to our lives. These changes will have us with a lot of uncertainty. Another interpretation for this dream is that we cannot have the peace of mind that we want. We urgently need to take some time away from trouble.

Trying to put out the fire in our house with a bucket of water or a fire extinguisher signals that we are doing everything possible to suppress our feelings and thus avoid questions. If the fire in our house is controlled, then it is very positive, since it augurs comfort and warmth in our family.

Dream about fire in a relative’s house

It means that we have a very strong feeling stored up towards a person. This feeling can be love or hate. Seeing that the fire comes out of the windows shows that there is a person in the family who misses us very much and begins to feel sad because of our distance.

We should go visit him more often and spend more time with the family. Seeing the ashes that remained after a relative’s house burned down is very positive, since it shows that we will finally be able to get out everything that we have kept inside for a long time. At last we will feel liberated.

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