Have you recently had a dream about ivy? It is important to take note of the details of your dream to understand what this means to you. Was the ivy poisonous? Were you taking control and hiding something? Progressing, or Withering? Let’s explore the variety of meanings ivy can have in your dreams. Ivy comes from the genus Hedera, which comprises 12 to 15 different species of climbing and creeping plants.

These plants can climb buildings and structures such as fences and posts, as well as crawl on the ground. Although most ivy is harmless, there are varieties that are invasive and can suffocate other plants, as well as toxic and poisonous varieties that can harm people and animals.

What it means to dream of ivy

Here are some common themes that we often see in connection with the meaning of ivy in dreams.

Connection, Friendship, Loyalty

If you see ivy growing in your dreams, it can mean that you should take a look at your relationships. The ivy grows in such a way that it intertwines and connects both with itself and with what it grows alongside. This growth symbolizes the connections you already have in your life, or the ones you want to make. Today ivy can often be seen at weddings to symbolize fidelity, or fidelity and continued loyalty to one another.

Immortality, Fertility, Hope

Almost all types of ivy are evergreen, meaning that they do not die or lose their leaves in the winter. It is a hardy plant, it is disease resistant and can grow in even the harshest of climates. It is likely that these enduring qualities led such ancient civilizations to associate the ivy with Osiris, who could grant immortality to his devotees, as well as Dionysus, the god of fertility. In other ancient cultures, Irish, Norwegian and others, ivy has come to represent the hope that spring will return soon.

Knowledge, notoriety, honor

You’re probably familiar with the phrase “Ivy League schools.” Yale, Harvard, Princeton, Columbia and Cornell are some of the best known. Although there is no universal agreement as to why the “Ivy Leagues” are associated with ivy, one possible reason is that it was simply an observation that the oldest and most distinguished schools saw themselves covered in climbing ivy.

Ask yourself in your dream about ivy: does it value the acquisition of great knowledge? Or maybe you are impressed by the prestige associated with these schools and you want this for yourself. Dreaming of ivy can indicate that you seek to climb to great heights, and do great things. “But, like ivy, we grow where there is room for us.” – Miranda Julio

Types of ivy in dreams

Now that we’ve covered some common themes that it can represent, let’s take a look at some of the different types of ivy that you might encounter in a dream.

english ivy

English ivy is a very common ivy, and the most prevalent is the one seen covering large areas of brick, such as in Ivy League schools. It is fast growing, has shiny dark green leaves and can grow up to 30 meters. Highly tolerant of harsh conditions, it’s no wonder this ivy is associated with toughness and toughness.

Grape Ivy or Vines

Grape ivy is a type of ivy that closely resembles vines. Technically part of the grape family, it has small berries that resemble grapes but don’t actually produce fruit. In the context of your dreams, seeing grapes or berries growing on ivy-like vines could represent growth in some area of ​​your life, most often in your career. Some believe it could even represent growth in wealth.

Poison Ivy

“Leaves of Three, Let It Be” Poison ivy is most commonly found in eastern North America and Asia. The leaves of this type of ivy, found in groups of three, contain an allergen called urushiol that causes itching, irritation, and a watery rash on the skin. The leaves are green in spring and summer and turn orange or red in fall. It is known to be capable of climbing as well as crawling on the ground.

Dreaming about the unpleasant effects of the poison ivy plant suggests that you may be afraid of something, or that you feel insecure. Combine this symbolism with other ivy associations and it can indicate feeling insecure in a relationship, in your career, or even in your personal health. These are just some of the common types of ivy that can appear in your dreams.

Now that we’ve covered some examples of ivy, let’s take a look at some dream scenarios you may have found yourself in.

Surrounded or covered with ivy in dreams

If you find yourself or someone else surrounded (or covered) in ivy in your dream, and it seems like an unpleasant experience, it suggests that there may be something in your waking life that is making you feel suffocated or out of control. Is there an unpleasant aspect of your life that you feel is being extended or exceeded? Do you feel drowned out by persistent negative thoughts? Are your relationships well balanced or do you feel like the other person is controlling or neglecting your needs?

Planting ivy in dreams

If you or someone around you is planting ivy in your dream, it may be about a new relationship or the strengthening of an old one. You may be thinking of strengthening your ties with someone, perhaps a marriage, and the act of planting ivy bodes well. As ivy is known to be associated with fidelity and connection, you likely have strong relationships to look forward to, as long as you intend to get the job done in your waking life.

Dying or withered ivy in dreams

Dreaming of withered or dying ivy could suggest a few things. This can represent the end or suffering of a relationship. Someone may have left you, or you may feel that a friendship is not what it was. Dying ivy could be representative of the pain and sadness that this causes you. Dying or withering ivy could also be about your feelings about your physical health.

Are you healing from an injury, do you have an illness or an ailment that you need to manage on a daily basis? Dying or withering ivy could be representative of the way you see yourself and your health. However, don’t see this as an indication that something is wrong, or some kind of bad omen, but instead try to approach your healing journey in a more positive way.

Cut or prune ivy in dreams

If you find yourself cutting or pruning ivy in your dreams, this could be a powerful indicator of inner growth. As you cut off parts of the ivy, you are symbolically cutting off things that no longer serve you. Maybe you’re ready to let go of something, whether it’s anger or some other negative emotion, or even a bad relationship, job, or habit.

To better understand the meaning of your dream, ask yourself these questions: What do you think of ivy in everyday life? What other symbols appeared in the dream? Do you have high ambitions to reach the top? Do you feel a strong connection with someone in your life? Is there something in your life that you would like to eliminate? Do you feel negatively about the state of your health? Did you have a dream about ivy?

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