Dream of killing mice

Dreams are the reflection of what is happening in our life, or they can alert us to something that will happen in the future. Most of the time dreaming of killing mice has a positive meaning.

Each dream of killing mice has a different interpretation, because dreams are very different from each other. Seeing mice being killed in the dream represents enemies, gossip, worries, victories, good news, gains and achievements.

Dream of killing mice 

If we kill a mouse, it means that the gossip of a close person will bring us a lot of trouble, but we will easily manage to overcome it, and the person who tried to harm us will not. Killing many mice indicates that we have too many enemies, but soon we will manage to defeat them. If we kill it with a trap, it represents our cunning personality, with which we always manage to find a way out, even in the most difficult moments.

Meaning of dreaming of killing small mice

When we kill small mice, it indicates that we will soon receive very good news, which will fill us with joy. If after killing the little mouse we throw it away, it shows that we will be able to beat the evil ones.

See the mouse run away but then we kill it

If we are chasing mice to kill them, but they escape us at first, and then we manage to find and catch them and then kill them, it portends that we will finally find the courage to face the problems that we were avoiding solving due to lack of courage.

kill them with a broom

It indicates that our businesses will get difficult, but we will end up getting ahead, after having to make very drastic decisions. We will need a lot of courage and support from those around us, to emerge triumphant from the complex situation.

Dream of killing mice using a shoe

This dream is very positive, it predicts that we will be able to beat our competition, and business will be a success. Looking for mice to kill them with a shoe, indicates that we can be victims of a robbery. Pay attention to everything around you to avoid being surprised.

Explanation of killing white mice in the dream

It predicts that we will have disagreements with the family. Then we feel misunderstood by them, but we must talk and express what we feel to clarify disagreements and return peace and unity to the family. Killing white mice inside our house means that we will have more profit than estimated

Meaning of dreaming of killing black mice

This dream is one of the most positive, since it predicts that we will finally get rid of a great enemy that for years has been trying to destroy our family, our work and our reputation. At last we will discover how to disarm it.

What does it mean to see cat killing mice?

Seeing a cat kill mice is a good sign. It shows that we will be in trouble, but we will get ahead thanks to the support of people who appreciate us very much. Thanks to them we will get ahead.

Dream of killing mice in the kitchen

It indicates that we will overcome the domestic problems we have, and soon calm and tranquility will return to our home. Killing the mice on the kitchen table augurs good economic gains that will allow us to support our family honestly. If in the dream we kill a mouse that is on the kitchen chair, it is very positive.

It indicates that soon all the scandals in which we were involved because of our enemies will be cleared up. Killing the mouse that steals food from our kitchen predicts that we will soon realize that a person is abusing our trust. When we become aware of her abuse, we will move away from her and begin to live in peace.

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