The meaning of dreaming of thunder, lightning, lightning is related to the urgent or imperative need you have to change some aspect of your life, to heal, to evolve, to escape or to face a certain situation or person, that is, when you dream with lightning, thunder and lightning it means that you need to take control of your life, that you urgently need to change something, fix it, heal it, face it or overcome it.

Dream of thunder, lightning or lightning at sea

If you dream of thunder, lightning or lightning in the sea it means that what you must change, heal, forget or face is related to feelings, with the emotional or love plane of your life, you may have to leave behind a love stage, that you should overcome a history already lived, that you must leave a relationship or toxic behavior or that you need to find your way.

Dream about thunder lightning or lightning and rain

If you dream of thunder, lightning or lightning with rain, it means that you are not ready or prepared to carry out the necessary changes in your life, but life, destiny or the universe will push you through the events that are going to take place in the future. your life, to face that situation.

Dream about thunder lightning or lightning and fire

If you dream of thunder, lightning, lightning and fire it means that you are going through a personal crisis from which you cannot find a way out in which you feel trapped or trapped.

Very often this dream occurs in people who are living a relationship with many emotional ups and downs and do not know or do not want to get out of it.

Dream of thunder, lightning or rays that destroy

Dreaming of thunder, lightning or lightning that destroys what they touch means that you find yourself immersed in a self-destructive spiral, either because of how to manage the situations that surround you, or because you are boycotting yourself without being aware of it. either because of your own negative thoughts and harmful decisions.

Faced with this dream, it is important that you make a deep reflection on what you are doing with your life or with a part of it to try to remedy it.

Dream of thunder, lightning or lightning falling on you

If you dream that thunder, lightning or lightning strikes you, you should not be scared since it is not a bad omen nor is it related to death, on the contrary, this dream represents your rebirth, your resurgence like the phoenix, which will allow you to rebuild your life. life, repair what is damaged, redirect your steps learning from the mistakes you have made and take advantage of new opportunities that will be made available to you.

Dreaming of thunder, lightning or very large rays

Dreaming of very large thunder, lightning or lightning reflects the magnitude of the change you need, the greater the thunder, lightning or lightning the greater the need to change, to break with what harms or paralyzes you, to take the reins of your life or a part of it. In short, to rebel against what makes you suffer, face it and defeat it.

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