Dream of live fish in clean water

Dreaming of live fish in clean water is a very favorable dream. It shows that success will be in all fields of our lives, both in the professional field, including economic gains, as well as within the family or in love.

This type of dream represents fertility, good luck, changes, business, projects, future and health. If you have had this dream, then most likely something good is about to happen.

Dream of live fish in clean water

Seeing live fish in clean water portends pregnancy and a happy birth. If the live fish seem to enjoy the clean water, it indicates that we should focus on the family and spend more time with them. If the fish that are in the clean water look at us, it means that we will be overwhelmed by the energy, positive attitude and the great success that we are having. Seeing that the live fish in clean water dies, predicts health problems caused by our bad habits, which will lead to the deterioration of our health.

Observing how live fish swim in clean waters indicates that we will meet a person with whom we will quickly fall in love. It will be a true and transparent love on both sides. If the fish do not have a head, it predicts a lot of happiness and good news in the family. If we catch a fish without a head, it shows that someone in the family will surprise us by reaching their dreams. Seeing how live fish swim very fast through clean waters, indicates that someone will try to convince us to make a big investment.

Big fish in clean water

If the live fish in clean water are large, it is very positive, since it announces great gains in our economic income. Also this dream predicts good health and vitality. Catching a large live fish, which is in clean water, indicates financial success, high profits or inheritance.

if they are small

When live fish in clean water are small, it means that we will have fights with people who are close to us, caused by misunderstandings. A small fish in clean water indicates that we are full of irrational fears. We must begin to face our fears, since they are not really as serious as we think.

Dream of live fish in clean water that are red in color

If the live fish that are inside the clean water are red, it is a good omen, since it promises prosperity, family union and economic wealth. For a woman, this dream means that she will have a good marriage.

If live fish are in a tank with clean water

When the tank has clean water and is full of fish, it alerts us to problems that are about to come into our lives. But if we use our ingenuity, we will manage to avoid those problems.

See live fish in lake that has clean water

If we are in a clean water lake with live fish, and we start fishing, it predicts many difficulties in achieving our goals. Catching live fish from the lake with your hands predicts prosperity and much happiness. Being in a clear water lake and seeing how other people catch live fish indicates that we will have a lot of energy and positivity to start new projects.

If live fish are colored

When we see that the live fish that are inside the clean water are of many colors, it predicts that life will be very generous with us.

Dream of live fish in clean water that begin to die

If the live fish that we are seeing in the clean water begin to die, it portends much suffering and loss that will fill us with sadness. We must not let time pass and we have to ask someone for help to overcome this losing streak quickly.

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