Dream of live mice

Dreaming of live mice predicts problems that are yet to come. Our businesses can start to have difficulties because of our competition and jealous people.

Also live mice in the dream represent fights, problems, disappointments, gossip, envy, hard times and triumph over our rivals.

Dream of live mice

Seeing live mice in the dream indicates that problems are coming at home and we will have many fights and discussions about issues on which we cannot agree. Whether with our partner, parents or children. This type of dream also predicts difficult times that are approaching, we have to be very patient and see them as an opportunity to acquire new knowledge or new experiences. If a woman dreams of seeing live mice, it indicates that she has many hidden enemies, who through trickery and lies will get her into trouble.

Meaning of dreaming of small living mice running

If we see them running everywhere, they point to false rumors, small difficulties that we are about to discover, but that it will take us a long time to overcome them and that will cause us to be in constant tension.

See they try to attack us

It represents an old problem that will come back and cause us a lot of headaches. This will generate a lot of frustration for not having solved it before. This dream also means that there are people who are inventing gossip about us, because they are very envious of the life we ​​have, and that reflects the lack of sincerity of our friends.

If the mice run and we kill them

It is a very promising dream, since it predicts that we will find a way to defeat all our enemies and we will be victorious over them.

What does dreaming of large live mice indicate?

It symbolizes the fear we have of our enemies, since we are terrified at the thought that they could easily humiliate and defeat us, and that all our friends and family find out about our failure. If we see many big mice that are everywhere, it shows that many difficulties will soon come to our life. To overcome them we will need the help of a family member.

Find live mice in the dream and catch them

It is a good omen since it shows that things will begin to go as planned. In addition, this dream also indicates that we will meet a person who will be our true love and we will get married shortly after meeting. If we catch the mice alive with a trap, it preaches that we will soon have bad news.

Dream of live mice all over the house

If we see them running, it portends that we will go to a long-awaited wedding. If we catch them inside the house, it indicates that we will meet someone who will be very interesting to us. But if we kill them, it predicts that something sad will happen to a relative. Finding live mice inside our room indicates financial problems. And if we see them on our table, it is very positive, since it predicts good news and happiness within the family.

See a cat catch them

And he has them in his mouth, it indicates that when we are in trouble our friends will help us out of them. But if in the dream we see that the mice manage to escape from the cat, it portends discussions within the family. This will create a very tense atmosphere in the home.

Dream of living mice that are eating

If we see that they are eating, it indicates that we have inadvertently created a parasite near us. We have tried to help someone, but that person got used to receiving everything easy and is taking advantage of us. We have to stop that person and withdraw our help. Only then will he begin to earn his things and value them more.

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