Dream of newborn cats

Dreaming of newborn cats almost always portends failures, scandals, conflicts, rumors, deception, or embarrassment. With the exception of those dreams where we kill or drive away newborn kittens.

This dream is showing us people with two faces, from whom we will have to get away, before they bring us much harm to our lives. We have to try to identify conspiracies against us, and thus be able to prevent them from being launched.

Dream of newborn cats

Seeing newborn cats and not driving them away predicts problems. Finding newborn cats that come towards us and scratch us, indicates that a person we believe trustworthy, will do anything to denigrate our image, take our things and end our family. Grabbing newborn cats and carrying them very far bodes well, as it shows that we will manage to overcome all obstacles that come our way.

See skinny newborn cats

When we see that newborn cats are skinny, it predicts bad news that will soon arrive. Seeing that only a newborn cat is skinny, indicates that a person close to us will get sick. But if we chase that cat away, then it predicts that we will be solving the problems little by little.

Hear screeches and meows

Listening to the squeaks and meows of newborn cats warns us about a false friendship that is hatching a plan to do us a lot of harm.

Dreaming of newborn cats that we feed

This type of dream means that we are trying to attract someone to our side to win a favor, but our efforts will be in vain.

If the cat scratches us

If the newborn kitten sticks out its claws and scratches us, it predicts that we will have a fight with a relative. This will be small, but painful and hurtful.

Meaning of dreaming of newborn cats looking at us

If his gaze is fixed on us, and he does not stop looking at us at any time, then this dream is warning us that we will be the victim of false rumors, created by someone who wants to keep what is ours. This dream also means that someone is trying to lead us astray. We must not allow ourselves to be dragged into those dark sides, full of intrigues and missteps, because if we do, we will lose everything that we have achieved over the years with much effort.

Have newborn cats in our house

He points out that a scandal will start in the family, caused by deceitful and cunning people, who only intend to disintegrate our family out of jealousy. If the newborn cats that are in our house are dirty or disheveled, he alerts us to a possible theft.

See they’re asleep

If the cats are asleep, it indicates that no matter how much effort we put into our projects, they will be a failure. If they look cute, sleeping peacefully, they warn us of deceitful friends. We should not get carried away by their “good advice”.

Dreaming of a newborn cat drinking milk

Although this dream seems very sweet and tender, it actually alerts us to many problems that are coming our way. We must take them calmly in order to find a way to overcome them.

Petting newborn cats

Caressing them predicts that we will receive a visit from a person that we have not seen for a long time. If we pet a newborn kitten and then it chases us, it shows that we will have a very unpleasant meeting.

Omen of dreaming of newborn cats that lick you

It alerts us to a flattering person who is trying to lure us into their nets, to learn about our weak points and then betray us. If the newborn kitten licks us and then bites us, this dream shows that a person will try to trick us into taking our things, but will give himself away before he can.

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