Dream of puppies

Dreaming of puppies promises a great surprise that will be very pleasant. For example, someone who we haven’t seen for a long time will come to visit us. It may also be that someone who appreciates us very much will help us, or someone will give us a beautiful and unexpected gift. But we must not be gullible, since the person who will give us the gift will do so because they need something from us.

Puppies in dreams symbolize love, affection, friendship, fears, naivety, gossip and betrayal. This kind of dream can predict good or bad things.

Dream of puppies

If we are buying a puppy, it shows that there is a person we fully trust, who is not as honest as we think. Behind our backs he is inventing gossip about us. Seeing a puppy who is carefree shows that we are exhausted by problems and need to get away from everything for a while, until we get our thoughts in order. If a man dreams of a dog with her puppies, it indicates that he will meet a woman who will be very similar, in form, to his mother.

find abandoned puppies

If we find it on the street, it indicates that there is someone close to us who is in need of our help. We have to put fear aside and take responsibility. It is time to give him all our support in these difficult times he is going through. If the abandoned puppy is dirty and neglected, then it indicates that we will have to make an unexpected expense.

What does it mean to see a puppy crying in a dream?

This means that a child in the family will get sick. If we hear him whining, but we do not see him, it indicates that we will be very worried about a relative. When the puppy is crying and we manage to calm him down, it signals that someone will pay us an old debt.

Meaning of dreaming of purebred puppies

If we buy a purebred puppy, it shows that we will make a big financial transaction that will be very risky, but in the end everything will turn out as planned. If you get sick, then it predicts serious health problems. If we lose it, it indicates that luck will come into our lives, but first we will have to go through great obstacles.

If we dream that we see a puppy dog ​​at home

It shows that many problems will appear that we will have to solve, that will take a lot of time, which will endanger our work. If the puppy in the house behaves very well and looks happy, it predicts good news to come.

Puppy bites us in sleep

If he bites us because he gets angry, he indicates that we will be involved in shady deals, that in the end they will not even give us the money we had estimated, on the contrary, we will end up with more debts than before. Also this dream means that a very close friend will betray us.

Dream about training a puppy

It shows that if we work very hard for what we want, in the end we will achieve it. If we train a puppy that is not ours, it means that we will achieve our goals, thanks to an acquaintance.

Meaning of dreaming of puppy dogs that they give us

It is a very positive dream, since it predicts great economic gains. If we meet the person who gives us the puppy, then it shows that person appreciates us very much in real life.

See a drowned puppy in the dream

It indicates that we will work very hard, but in the end our efforts will be for nothing. The profits will be almost nil.

Puppy dog ​​misbehaves in sleep

It points out that we are going through a stage where we feel angry and frustrated. And no matter how hard we try, we can’t find a way to change that situation.

Dream of sleeping puppies

It shows that we will be very happy, by spending time with people who are younger than us. If he is asleep in our house, it portends that the family will grow soon.

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