Dream of purple flowers

Dreaming of purple flowers shows the perspectives that await us in different areas of our lives. These can be in the workplace or sentimental.

When we see purple flowers in the dream, we have to take into account if they look beautiful, if they were dry or withered, if we see them in a garden, if we pluck their petals, if we pour water on them, if someone gives them to us, etc. , since every detail helps us to make a better interpretation of our dream.

Dream of purple flowers

If we like the purple flowers that we see in the dream, it indicates that a very favorable stage will soon arrive for us, where we will have to make the most of it. Picking and breaking purple flowers indicates that we must go by the rules, otherwise we will spend time and energy without being able to achieve our goals. Seeing purple flowers on arid cracked ground, predicts a sad event. Collecting and making a bouquet of purple flowers indicates that our projects will finally bloom and bring us much happiness.

Grabbing a purple flower and seeing that we prick ourselves with its thorns, predicts that we will be very disappointed after the betrayal of a loved one. Having a vase full of these flowers in our house bodes well for luck in love and job success. We will go through a good streak where a lot of happiness will come into our lives. A pot with a purple flower indicates that we will soon receive news from someone we have not seen for a long time.

A basket with purple flowers means that our love becomes stronger over time. Buying purple flowers indicates that our love is not reciprocated as we would like. Seeing purple flowers flying tells us that we are not being realistic with our expectations. If the purple flowers that we see in the dream are artificial, it heralds a sad event in our life. If what we see is a bush with purple flowers, it means that someone is lying to us.

See faded purple flowers

When the purple flowers are withered, it predicts that we will not be able to reach our goals and we will lose hope of being able to fulfill them one day. Seeing purple dried flowers inside our house portends sadness and hopelessness. When someone gives us a withered purple flower, it means that soon our love will come to an end.

Dream of purple flowers in the garden

Purple flowers in the garden portend profit, joy, and the acquisition of something we long for. If the purple flowers that are in the garden begin to dry, it indicates that new problems will soon come into our lives. Watering purple flowers in the garden predicts good news and new opportunities. Seeing how someone tramples the flowers in our garden means that someone will create false gossip about us. So that we do not achieve our goals.

If we rip off the petals?

Plucking the petals off a purple flower indicates that we are not happy because of our bad decisions. It is in our hands to be able to make better decisions and take advantage of our full potential. Also this dream means that we must let out our emotions to feel better.

Feeling the scent of purple flowers in the dream

Being able to feel the smell of the purple flowers that we have announces unexpected losses. Seeing many bouquets of purple flowers and feeling that their aroma enchants us shows that our friends are very trustworthy and appreciate us very much.

Dream of purple flowers in the field

Seeing purple flowers in the field portends good luck and a lot of joy. If an animal is eating the purple flowers in the field, it shows that we are bored with what we are doing and we need a change. Sowing purple flowers in a field is a good omen, as it marks joyous events.

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