Dream of Repentance

Dream of Repentance: Dreaming in a state of repentance suggests that in daily life you are suffering the consequences of your misconduct and improper behavior, an attitude that someone very close, friend or family member could also take.

Dream of Repentance:

In many cases it also expresses the lack of understanding of the problems that are affecting you or your relatives and other loved ones, such as children .

As is easily appreciated, many of the dreams are also a self- accusation , a self-criticism .

If in the dream we commit an improper action and we do not feel sorry, it indicates that in real life we ​​hardly accept our mistakes, which in the end will end up alienating the people around us. Our arrogant and headstrong attitude will lead us to loneliness .

To dream that someone else is sorry for some negative action against us is a sign that we must put aside resentments and feelings of revenge , otherwise we will hardly achieve a satisfactory personal evolution.

To dream that we are sorry, but without having acted improperly, suggests that we feel that we have failed ourselves, it is possible that we are making some mistakes in which we never think we will fall.

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