Dream of rotten food

The meaning of dreaming of rotten food tells us about insecurity. Depending on what type of rotten food we see, its meaning will vary. If we also feel the rotten smell of food, it portends a cold.

The meaning of rotten food also symbolizes loss, health, profit, disadvantage, friendly relations with the family, and the mental state of the dreamer

Dream of rotten food that smells bad

This type of dream predicts that our happiness will be interrupted by a bad streak that will come into our lives. We will have to be patient to wait for it to end.

See that rotten food is a fish

Despite what people believe, this is a very positive dream. It portends unexpected well-being thanks to the profits made.

Dream in which we see how food rots

It indicates that we will lose our health and goodness. We will have to lean on close people to cope with this bad time.

Meaning of dreaming of rotten food inside our house

He predicts disappointment over financial losses. They can also call us to attention so that we are more attentive to our health and not miss those little warnings that our body sends us.

If we have it on our plate

It shows that the friendship that we have had for a long time with someone will wear out due to the lies and gossip of people with bad intentions. It also predicts that we will have family discussions about things that are not really important. We must refrain from arguing and thus we will achieve family union.

Smell or see rotten food in the garbage

This shows that soon we will have to do unpleasant things that will make us feel ashamed. If we take out the rotten food in a garbage bag for the garbage men to take away, it shows that our problems, as big as they are right now, will go away with the help of a person who appreciates us very much. Another meaning of this dream is that we think that the problems are huge, when in reality they are not. We are drowning in a glass of water.

Buy rotten food in the dream

This dream means that we are very manipulable and we get carried away by useless things and advice that do not contribute anything to our lives. It also means that we are not making the best decisions when choosing a partner.

Having spoiled food in the fridge or freezer

It predicts that our hopes will turn into disappointments soon. Placing rotten food inside the refrigerator shows that we will make very important decisions without thinking. This will cause us to form a great fight within the family. This decision can cause someone in our family to leave the house.

Dream of rotten food that we cook

It shows that we will soon have big headaches, because we will fight with our sentimental partner and he will end up leaving us, and we will be surprised by such a hasty decision. If after cooking the rotten food we eat it, it shows that we are not earning the money honestly, and we are hiding it from our family. If we chew the rotten food but do not swallow it, this predicts difficult debts to pay. This will generate family problems and a lot of anxiety.

What does it mean to dream of getting dirty with rotten food?

It predicts that our life will soon get complicated, and it will be due to the gossip of envious people who can’t stand our success.

Cut the food and see what is spoiled inside

It shows us that we will feel very disappointed in our partner because we will accidentally discover a lie, betrayal or cheating. He will give us many excuses, but we will not fall for his tricks again.

Dream of rotten food that is eaten by indigent

It symbolizes our regret for something wrong that we have done, and we feel a lot of guilt and shame. The fear of being judged makes us keep it a secret.

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