Dream of rotten fruit

When dreaming of rotten fruit, it is very important that we can determine the context in which we dream of fruit that is in poor condition. For example: have we eaten it?, do we see that we buy it?, do we throw away the rotten fruit? Every detail within the dream is very important for its correct interpretation.

Rotten fruits in dreams symbolize the degree of satisfaction with which we are living our lives, how we face problems and how we enjoy our joys.

Dream of rotten fruit

Seeing a rotten fruit that has worms, portends the beginning of a difficult stage in our lives. This stage will last a long time. We must face the obstacles and if we are unable to do so, we should ask for help to overcome them. If the rotten fruits are on the table, they portend that the plans we have will not turn out as planned and we will be filled with frustration. A rotten fruit among the green leaves of a tree portends efforts in vain. If we buy rotten fruit, we will pay dearly to be happy. If we are selling fruits that are rotten, it predicts bad luck. Picking rotten fruit off the ground indicates that luck is in our hands.

Eat rotten fruit in the dream

When we eat a rotten fruit, it means that we are full of insecurities. We are not determined when it comes to making decisions. This dream also means problems that are yet to come and we did not expect them.

See that they give us a fruit in bad condition

The gesture that someone gives us or gives us a fruit that is rotten, augurs disappointments and times of great anguish, caused by a person who will disappoint us.

Dream of rotten fruit that we throw away

This dream is very positive, since it indicates that the problems and obstacles that we now have will be overcome. Also this dream means that a good streak is about to start.

If the rotten fruit is a banana

It indicates that someone will force us to do something that is unpleasant for us, and we will feel very guilty for having done it. If we sell rotten bananas, it shows that we are getting carried away with the little things in life.

if it’s an orange

It augurs that the good times come to an end. The joys and pleasures will be left behind and a hard stage in our lives will begin.

Dream of rotten fruit that is an apricot

This dream means health problems. Another meaning is that sadness awaits us. You must be mentally prepared for the negative situations that are approaching.

When the rotten fruit is grapes

It shows that we are not happy with the life we ​​are leading. We are also not satisfied with the work we are doing and we plan to look for a new job where our effort will be recognized.

If the rotten fruits are cherries

It predicts a betrayal by someone in the family or our partner. We will be very sad after finding out.

Dream in which the apples are rotten

This dream means that after great joys, great obstacles will come. Also a bad apple shows that we should not trust friendships.

See rotten plums in the dream

A great friendship will end up betraying our trust and we will be away from everyone for a long time. It also shows that our efforts will not bear fruit and business will not be as profitable as we hoped.

Dream in which pears appear in poor condition

It indicates that we will go to a party with high expectations, but we will not have as much fun as we expected.

Rotten strawberries or strawberries

It augurs great economic losses due to bad business. It is better that we take the necessary precautions.

Dream of rotten fruit that is a lemon

It predicts that we will marry someone who has a very bad character. If we suck or eat a rotten lemon, they will file a lawsuit against us.

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