Dream of running horses

Dreaming of running horses represents our inner strength, our freedom and our desire for everyone to see our talents.

Also when we see horses running in the dream, it marks the beginning of a new stage in life, with great changes and important decisions. A running horse symbolizes well-being, prosperity, happiness, envy, betrayal, dreams, joy and failure.

Dream of running horses

If we see that they have a very long tail and their manes fly with the wind, it portends a change in our lives, which will lead us to fulfill our dreams. A dirty horse running, alerts us to a deception on the part of a friend whom we trust a lot. Holding the horse by the reins, and suddenly it runs away, shows that soon we will have to make big decisions in order to fulfill our dreams.

When the running horses carry a carriage or cart, it foretells that we will have many obstacles ahead of us, which will make it difficult for us to reach happiness. Seeing a horse running down a hill portends failure. When we see a thoroughbred horse running in the dream, it means that we will have a lot of luck and everything will go well in our lives. Seeing a running horse, which seems beautiful to us, means prosperity and economic stability.

Meaning of dreaming of many horses running

Seeing many horses running together indicates that we will have a whirlwind of feelings for someone who will steal our hearts. Seeing many foals running, portends prosperity, happiness and much peace in our lives.

Omen of dreaming of a white horse running

Seeing a white horse running predicts great changes in our lives. All of them will be very positive. Great job opportunities will be presented, where we will be able to demonstrate all our talent. If the white horse that is running looks dirty, it alerts us to very envious people around us.

running black horse

A black horse running in our dream means that we will be disappointed after having invested a lot of effort and time in a project that ended up being a failure. This dream also indicates that we will embark on an adventure that will end up being too daring.

Dream About Brown Horses Running

Seeing brown horses running indicates that we will have very favorable moments, where we will feel very happy. But suddenly everything will take a turn and things will start to go wrong. Also this dream means that we are very superficial people.

See wild horses running

Seeing them running through a meadow, and that one runs away from his herd, alerts about the health problems of a close relative. If all the wild horses run together through the green fields, it means that we will have success and much prosperity. When wild horses are running up a mountain and reach the top, it is a very positive dream. It shows that we will have a better economic position. If the running wild horses are light in color, it predicts a lot of happiness to come into our life.

Horse that falls or kicks when running

When we see that the running horse falls, it indicates that we will have a tough battle with people who wish us harm. But if the running horse kicks, it indicates that to achieve success we will have to go through many obstacles first.

Dream about horses running in a race

When we are in a horse race watching how they run, it augurs good luck. We will be able to fulfill our dreams. Also this dream indicates that our businesses will be successful. Betting on a horse race indicates that we will have a very prosperous life. If we are the jockeys and we are running on horseback in the race, it predicts economic losses. But if we win the race it indicates good news or fortune to come.

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