Dream of small snakes

Dreams where small snakes appear are very common, they generally alert us to some kind of malice or envy on the part of someone we know. But ironically, dreaming of small snakes can also be something positive for us.

A small viper represents evil, envy, betrayal, threats, blocking our path, transformations, changes and pregnancies.

Dream of small snakes

If we have a small snake in our mouth, it shows that we are very negative people and we must work on being more positive in order to enjoy life. Finding a small snake in our house alerts us to deceit and disappointments that will come from someone in the family. Finding a ball of small snakes in our dream indicates that we have many envious people around us. If we step on one, it means that we will open the doors of our house to a person that we esteem very much, but in reality that person speaks ill of us, behind our backs, with the intention of frustrating our plans.

See baby snakes

If the small vipers are babies, it portends a pregnancy in the family. If there are many baby vipers, it predicts multiple pregnancy. Finding a small baby viper in a child’s crib or room indicates that after a long time we will achieve the long-desired pregnancy.

Meaning of dreaming of small dead vipers

It shows us that we have to pay attention to our health, since we could get seriously ill. This dream also means that after an injustice caused by a friendship, she will come out on top.

If a little viper bites us

When it bites us and is poisonous, it symbolizes our inner fears, which have begun to affect our daily lives. But if the little viper bites us and dies, it is a very encouraging dream, since it predicts that our problems will soon end and we will find the peace that we long for. If a small snake bites us and we see the bite on our body, it means that our enemies have realized what our weak points are, to end our harmony. If he bites us in the leg, it is a good dream, since it indicates that the person who is sick will overcome his problems. When it bites us on the hand, it indicates that we will collect a debt that we had given up for lost.

Kill small vipers in the dream

This is a very positive dream, as it predicts that we will be able to defeat our enemies. This dream also indicates that we must be careful to avoid putting ourselves in danger. Killing her also means that we will do whatever it takes to get what we want, including hurting people who care about us. We have to measure our actions or we will lose great people in our life.

Dream of small vipers attacking

It shows that our conscience does not allow us to live in peace. We have many secrets and the fear that they will be discovered is tormenting us. Before acting we must think about the people we will hurt and its consequences.

run away from vipers

It indicates that we have decided to get away from all the people around us, and spend more time alone, although this decision distances us from opportunities that will open new doors for us.

Walk among small vipers

It is a warning that we are surrounded by people who envy us and only want to see us defeated. If while walking among the small snakes we are bitten, it shows that our enemies will win and finish our work.

Dream of small snakes that we catch

It means that we have a lot of wisdom, and accompanied by our ingenuity, it will make us overcome great adversities and leave all problems and enemies behind. If we catch it to become our pet, it warns us about the decisions we make irresponsibly. They can become big problems that will be difficult for us to solve.

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