Dream of sweeping dirt

The meaning of dreaming of sweeping dirt is related to our dissatisfaction with something in our life. The broom is the instrument that allows us to ward off bad thoughts that disturb us.

Sweeping dirt symbolizes profit, change, feelings and health. If we sweep with a broom it means that all our efforts will be worth it.

Dream of sweeping dirt

If we sweep dirt with a broom, it shows that we must end the things that do not contribute anything in our life. It is time to start focusing on the things that really matter. Also dreaming that we sweep land, indicates that we have our house and family totally neglected.

Dream in which we sweep dirt from a chimney

It shows that we must resolve our personal matters as soon as possible, otherwise they will get worse and worse. If when you finish removing all the dirt the fireplace glows, then good news will come to us.

What does it mean to dream of sweeping dirt with an old broom?

This dream predicts quarrels in the family. You will have to be very careful to avoid escalating to bigger problems.

If in the dream we sweep the earth from our workplace

It predicts that all the work we are doing will be worth it, although now we are feeling that our effort is wasted.

Meaning of dreaming of sweeping dirt and dry leaves

He predicts that soon the businesses will start to make a lot of profit. If we sweep the earth and leaves into our house, then it predicts great changes in our life.

See we sweep the dirt-filled floor of our house

It is a bad omen, since it announces illness of someone close, breakages in the house and danger of fire. If it is the floor of our room, it shows that the problems will gradually disappear. If the house is not ours, it indicates that we are trusting a lot in someone we do not know that much. We must be more cautious with the people we have just met.

Dreaming of sweeping dirt from the street

It indicates that we will have to work very hard, but we will achieve our goals. If the broom breaks when sweeping the dirt from the street, this portends problems in the family or at work.

Try to sweep the dirt but we can’t

This dream predicts problems, fights, misery and many sadness that will come to our home.

If we sweep the dirt-filled floor of a church or temple

It predicts that times of calm and union with the family will come. It also augurs good news to come that will make us very happy.

Explanation of dreaming of sweeping dirt from a carpet

This dream heralds the arrival of problems in our life. We better be prepared to face the difficult moments that lie ahead.

When we dream that we sweep dirt from the yard

It indicates that we will have to change bad habits, and once we succeed, our life will change a lot for us and our family. This dream also predicts that successes, growth and joys await us that will bring changes for the better.

Sweep the dirt off our feet

It means that we will meet someone who will steal our hearts, and our love will end in marriage.

Dream in which we see a woman sweeping dirt

It indicates that there is someone who is speaking behind our backs. Raising false gossip against us, just because he envies our life and our family.

What does it indicate to dream of sweeping dirt from our sidewalk?

It shows that we are frustrated because we did not achieve the goals we set for ourselves. To achieve this we must work very hard, no matter what kind of obstacle stands in our way. We must go forward without stopping, and it will take time, but we will succeed.

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