dream of wearing white clothes

When dreaming of a white shirt or white blouse, reference is made to our immediate future, where it represents our problems, joys, friendships, love, gossip, and everything that happens or may happen to us in the future.

Also when we dream of a white shirt or blouse it represents our character and our way of developing within society.

Dreaming of a white shirt

Seeing a clean and shiny white shirt indicates that all the affairs we are experiencing will end in the best way. Putting on a white shirt and looking at ourselves in the mirror, indicates that an infidelity will make our partner leave us forever, then we will regret having lost someone who really loved us. But it will be too late to get it back.

Sewing a white shirt indicates that we will have a lot of happiness in love. Dreaming of a worn white blouse alerts us to false gossip that will be created behind our backs. Wearing a white shirt of a good brand, means that the circumstances will make us be in a very good mood.

If the shirt is dirty

Seeing a dirty white shirt announces that we will soon have to deal with many problems. Wearing a dirty white blouse heralds devastating losses that will make our lives miserable. We will need help to overcome these moments of so much fear and anxiety. Seeing that our white shirt is stained with something, warns us that we must take care of our health, since we could catch some disease. Seeing a person with a white shirt that is torn or dirty indicates that someone’s bad disposition will affect our business.

Meaning of dreaming of broken white blouse

This dream announces many annoyances, due to differences with family or friends. Another meaning for this dream shows that we must be very attentive to our health, because we could quickly get worse if we ignore our symptoms. Seeing that the white blouse is ripped indicates that someone will disrespect us.

Losing your shirt in the dream

Searching everywhere and not finding the white shirt we are looking for indicates misfortune in love and business, caused by our arrogance.

Dreaming of a white shirt that we throw away

When we throw a white shirt in the trash, it shows that we will finally get rid of everything that is bad for us, or that is unpleasant in our life.

White short-sleeved blouse

When we dream of a white blouse that has short sleeves, it shows that we will have more work, and we will need to be very precise in demonstrating our efficiency. If the dream focused only on the short sleeves of the shirt, then it portends that we will be asked to demonstrate our knowledge.

Dreaming of a long-sleeved white shirt

The dreams where we appreciate a white long-sleeved shirt, calls us to be more moderate in our life.

See the shirt unbuttoned

If we are the ones who wear the unbuttoned white shirt, it shows that we must communicate more and begin to express what we feel. Also this dream can show that we are poorly organized, and that gives us a bad image in business matters.

Meaning of dreaming about a white blouse that we buy

When we buy a white blouse or shirt, it means that we will have a great family celebration. Buying a white blouse to give to someone shows us that not everyone loves us as they say. There are many people who are envious of us.

Wash white shirt in dream

Washing a white shirt indicates that we will meet new people who will become great friends.

Dreaming of a white shirt that we iron

The fact of ironing a white shirt in the dream shows that we have a friend with a bad temper, but even if we consider him our friend, we do not have to put up with his rudeness.

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