Dream of winning a prize

After dreaming of winning an award, the first thing that comes to mind is if this dream will come true. And it is that any dream where there is a success or profit, creates that intrigue and great illusion.

This type of dream usually shows us how realistic our goals are, and whether or not they are achievable. Since the type of prize could give us the clues to know if we are approaching them. Winning an award in the dream represents changes, feelings, work, fears, future and peace, among others.

dream of winning a prize

Winning an award in the dream means that we need to be recognized for the effort we are making. When we receive an award for having achieved something important, it indicates that we feel good about our work or our career. Seeing another person win a prize indicates that we will have a date and have a great time.

If the prize we win is a jewel, it indicates that we will meet someone with whom we will form an incredible couple. When the prize we win is a gift, it shows that we feel happy and comfortable with life right now. When the prize they give us is broken, it shows that problems in the house will soon begin to accumulate. Winning a prize and then losing it predicts false promises that will fill us with anxiety.

Feeling very happy knowing that we won the prize represents good self-esteem and abundance in the near future. But if we win an award and don’t feel happy, it shows that we are focusing only on the problems. We are not seeing all the good that surrounds us. Winning an award on a television show refers to job changes.

If in the dream the prize we win is a car, it shows that we will reach the goal for which we have worked so hard. When the prize we win is a house, it means that we are totally focused on material things. We have lost the real value of life and of the people we love.

win the nobel prize

To dream that we won the Nobel Prize shows that we are very arrogant people. We must be more humble if we want to have better love, friendship or family relationships.

Dream of winning a prize in a sport

If we win a prize in a sport that we practice, or like, it shows that we are very sure of what we are doing. This can be work, study or business. Winning an award for playing soccer means that fun will soon come into our lives.

When the prize is money

If the prize we receive is money, it predicts many opportunities that will lead us to achieve our goals. Winning many coins as a prize indicates wealth and power. This dream also means that we will overcome problems without much difficulty.

Win the lottery prize in the dream

If we win the lottery prize, it predicts that a time of calm and much peace will come into our lives. Also this dream means that we will have a stroke of luck. This blow will relieve us of the many difficulties we are going through.

beauty pageant prize

Competing in a beauty event and winning a prize indicates that we are eager to discover ourselves, and to know who we really are and what we want in this life. Also this dream means that we have created a hard shell for ourselves so that no one will hurt us again.

Dream of winning a prize in a horse race

Winning a prize in a horse race indicates that we should start enjoying the good times. To think that we lose the race, but at the last moment we win the prize, shows that we will work hard to achieve our dreams. When we win many prizes for a horse race, it alerts us to conspiracies that are being made against us, within the work.

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