Dream of worms in the body

Most of the time, dreaming of worms in the body shows how primitive, low or stingy people are. They put us on alert for problems that are about to come into our lives, which will be caused by people close to us.

Also a dream with worms in the body symbolizes health, money, friendships, family, justice, values ​​and love.

 Dream of worms in the body

If we dream of worms in the body, but we do nothing to get them out, then it shows us that we are very ambitious people and we will do anything to have more money and goods. When a woman dreams that she has worms all over her body, it indicates that she will soon meet someone with whom she will have a fleeting love story, but this fleeting love will only cause her many problems in life.

Meaning of dreaming of worms coming out of the body

Seeing how the worms come out of our own body represents everything that we have kept inside for a long time and it torments us. We have to reflect on the way we have to relate to people. The values ​​with which we manage ourselves in life, our way of being so selfish. For our own good we must rethink and change the way we are, otherwise we will be left alone, since people will gradually move away from our side. It also augurs that a person who will have health problems will recover and enjoy good health again.

What portends dreaming of worms in another person’s body?

It indicates that all our dreams and aspirations are connected to the material. This dream also predicts that we will take advantage of other people to achieve our goals. If we meet that person who has maggots coming out of his body, it shows that we will find out unpleasant things about our partner. These things will make us rethink whether to continue with society, because we no longer trust that person.

Dream of worms coming out of the skin

It means that a person close to us will generate a lot of doubt and intrigue among our acquaintances. It also indicates that the relationship we have as a couple no longer makes us happy, and we have decided to end it to start traveling alone, while we find our purpose in life. Seeing that the worms come out of the skin and we do nothing indicates that our coldness will end up getting us into serious trouble.

See we kill them

It shows that we are going to get rid of material things to start a new life focused on the spiritual, moral and values ​​side. Also, if we kill the worms in the body, it means that we will be able to defeat that enemy that has caused us so much damage for so long.

Meaning of dreaming of worms in the body of a corpse

It indicates that there are people who are trying to harm us and will take advantage of mistakes we have made in the past so that they can now benefit and humiliate us.

Dream that we have small worms in the body

It predicts that we will soon get into small problems that will cause us big headaches.

Pick out the worms and eat them

It predicts that we are very stingy people, and because of our greed we will end up alone in life. This dream also indicates that someone close to us, and that we have a lot of confidence in, will raise false rumors and disappoint us.

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