Dream of yellow birds

Dreaming of yellow birds is considered favorable, it predicts positive changes in our life, scope for success, good news, joy, creativity, marriage proposal, recovery of health and economic prosperity.

When in the dream we see that there are yellow birds, it symbolizes our emotions beyond the control we have of our reasoning. In this dream it is very important to see in what form the yellow bird appears to us, if it sings, flies, is in a cage, is injured, dead, we catch it, we pluck it, if it is big or small. Every detail will give us a clear interpretation of the dream.

Dream of yellow birds

When a yellow bird enters our house it is very positive, since it announces good news in the family and a lot of joy. Seeing flying yellow birds promises prosperity and good health. A yellow bird in a cage indicates that we are taking advantage of someone’s kindness. If we are feeding a yellow bird, it indicates that we will invite a great friend and have a great time.

Clipping the wings of a yellow bird indicates that we will hurt someone we love very much. We must think that our actions have consequences. If we buy one, it promises prosperity in the home. Dreaming of a small yellow bird shows many rumors around us. If the yellow bird is big, an event will capture our full attention and we will forget about the important plans we are working on.

Dreaming of yellow birds without wings predicts loss and suffering that will steal all our hope. When the yellow birds flutter and perch on us, it heralds good news. Catching a yellow bird predicts that we will be victorious despite all adversity. Taming a yellow bird is a sign that our waste will spell disaster for our economy. Listening to one’s song shows that we are not in the mental capacity for matters that require great precision.

Have a yellow bird in your hand

If a woman dreams of a yellow bird in her hand, or to see a woman who has a yellow bird in her hand, it predicts great love and soon marriage.

Omen of dreaming of injured or sick yellow birds

When we see an injured, injured or sick yellow bird, it predicts deep sadness that will be generated by the bad behavior of someone in the family. Seeing a sick and sad yellow bird on a branch represents bad news.

See who speaks to us in the dream

If a yellow bird is talking to us in the dream, it indicates that we do not have the ability to solve the problems that we have. We must ask for advice in order to have a better perception of things.

kill a yellow bird

If we kill a yellow bird, it portends many problems that are about to come into our lives, and that we will not know how to face. This dream also means that we will have great losses. Catching a yellow bird and killing it heralds difficult times that will have us confused.

pluck a bird

If in the dream we see that we plucked a yellow bird, it shows us discomfort that will be caused by people close to us. Plucking a yellow thrush shows negative and distressing changes in our lives.Dream of yellow birds in the nest

Seeing a yellow bird‘s nest shows that we will be very successful in business. If the bird‘s nest has broken eggs, it portends disappointments, but if the eggs in the nest are healthy, it predicts a lot of happiness and luck. Seeing that there are chicks in the yellow bird‘s nest indicates success and prosperity. Destroying the nest of the yellow bird means that there will be a lot of anxiety in the home. If the nest is empty, it indicates that we must build a new home. If the yellow bird that is in the nest sings very loudly, it heralds very big fights.

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