Dream of yellow roses

Most people love yellow roses, because they are flowers that fill our lives with energy, but dreaming of yellow roses is not always favorable for us, as we usually think.

Whenever we see yellow roses in the dream, our personal emotions are involved and they will give the true meaning to what we have dreamed of. A yellow rose can bring us nostalgia, joy or sadness, so once we have identified our emotions, we will find the correct meaning of the dream.

Dream of yellow roses

If there are many yellow roses growing in a field or garden, and seeing that this makes us happy, it predicts that better times will soon come to our lives. Walking and stepping on the yellow roses to destroy them shows that we are going through moments full of anger and frustration inside. We need to take out everything we carry inside in order to enjoy life.

Seeing a happy little girl or boy with a yellow rose means that they will soon propose to us and that proposal will make us very happy. A rosebush full of beautiful, brightly colored yellow roses augurs goals and promises fulfilled in the family. All this will bring a lot of happiness.

A vase full of beautiful yellow roses indicates joy and happiness in the family. If the yellow rose falls on the floor, it shows that we feel alone and abandoned by the people we love. Seeing yellow rose buds indicates material well-being. Seeing yellow rose petals represents a lot of tenderness and union in the couple.

When the yellow rose has water or snow on it, it predicts great sadness and wishes to separate from our loved ones to be alone. Cutting some beautiful yellow roses promises a long and happy marriage. Observing how yellow roses bloom indicates that good news, well-being and joy are approaching the family. A very large yellow rose represents great problems.

See that they give you a yellow rose

If it makes us happy that someone gives us yellow roses, it portends pleasant events that are about to happen. This type of dream can also reflect the need we have to be loved, to pay attention to us and to show us affection continuously.

Dream about withered yellow roses

When we see yellow roses withered, it predicts that someone close to us will betray us. If the withered yellow roses are ours or we have them inside our house, it shows that fears invade us from within. Having withered roses on our bed indicates that we are in love with two people at the same time.

A rosebush full of withered yellow roses portends pain and illness in the family. When we feel sadness to see withered roses, it shows that old feelings that have long been extinct from our life are coming back. We must start working on our emotions, once they appear, to be able to control them quickly, before they get out of control.

Feel the smell of yellow roses

When the smell of yellow roses is very pleasant, it refers to the loyalty of our partner. Smelling a yellow rose and feeling that we dislike its smell predicts the arrival of new problems in our lives.

See we bought them in the dream

If we buy yellow roses and we love them, it predicts a lot of prosperity and family union. When the yellow roses that we buy are to give to someone, it shows that we have a friendly relationship in which we can fully trust. Buying yellow roses to give them to our partner, indicates that in our love relationship there is a lot of love and sincerity.

Dream of yellow roses full of thorns

Seeing, or having, yellow roses full of thorns, augurs obstacles in our lives that we will have to solve soon. Grabbing a yellow rose and pricking us with its thorns predicts loss and betrayal.

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