Dream that a snake bites your hand

Dreaming that a snake bites your hand is usually a negative dream for our lives, although in some cases it can predict good things. It is important to analyze this dream well, since its interpretation can have completely opposite meanings.

When we see that a snake bites the hand in the dream, it represents enemies, deception, fraud, unexpected turn, betrayals, secrets, gossip, conflicts, unpleasant conversations, economic problems and disappointment.

Dream that a snake bites your hand

If a snake bites our hand, it indicates that our enemies have found our weak points and will start using them against us. When we try to grab something and the snake bites our hand, it indicates that there are people who, although they smile at us, actually wish us harm. If the snake bites us in the hand and it hurts a lot, it means that after many lies, we will be disappointed in someone in the family.

A snake that bites our hand and moves away from us, predicts that we will have a confrontation with our boss, because he will announce the drop in salary. Also this dream can mean that we will have an argument with a family member and we will move away from him.

If the snake bites your finger

When the snake bites us on the finger, it indicates that we must be patient, because difficult times are approaching and there may be financial shortages. In the event that he bites all your fingers, it means that the person who least imagines you will betray you. Then we will feel very disappointed and begin to mistrust everyone.

Dream that a snake bites your right hand

If a snake manages to bite our right hand, it shows that we should stop being gullible and start keeping our secrets to ourselves. We must be careful, lest we end up telling our secrets to someone who appears to be our friend, but is actually trying to get information from us to use against us.

If a woman has this dream, it means that she will have an affair with a married man. When a snake jumps at us and manages to bite our right hand, it indicates that we will find the cause of our problems, these will be caused by a false friend. We must pay attention to our friends, since one has reached the point of resorting to witchcraft to make our lives hell.

When the bite is on the arm

Being bitten by a snake on the arm indicates that our enemies will make our businesses fail and we will have to turn our lives around.

Being in the water and seeing a snake bite your hand

If we see in the dream that we are in the water, and we are bitten by a snake in the hand, it indicates that something we are doing improperly will become a vice that is difficult to eradicate. It is better that we stop now that we are in time to avoid serious problems. If this dream has a man, it warns of dangers.

when you bite another person

Seeing the snake bite someone’s hand indicates that we are feeling attracted to someone other than our partner. This makes us feel guilty and ashamed.

If a poisonous snake bites your hand

Being bitten on the hand by a poisonous snake, portends betrayal, lies, deceit on the part of a person who does not value us and in whom we fully trust. Also this dream means that we could get sick. We must begin to lead a healthier life to avoid complications in our health.

See that a dead snake bites our hand

Believing that the snake is dead, and seeing that it bites our hand, predicts the betrayal of a person close to us. But if the snake bites our hand and then we kill it, it is a very positive dream. Announce that our enemies will not be able to with us. It also shows the end of a hard stage. If it bites our hand and then dies, it foretells that whatever they try to do against us will come back at them.

Dream that a snake bites your hand and blood comes out

Bleeding after the snake bites our hand, portends business losses caused by a bad move by our competition.

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