What does it mean to dream that everything is dark

Dreaming that everything is dark shows that you feel unable to make decisions. This is because you feel that you are not yet prepared enough. Perhaps you feel that you do not have enough information to carry out that project that you long for or the business that you thought of starting for years.

This is a dream that has to do directly with dreaming of darkness , since it warns you of not being able to make the decisions you want. And you may not achieve your goals for this reason.

And if you see that everything is dark, that is, you see that all the lights are off and you see almost nothing, this shows that you are a person incapable of being decisive in all aspects. It is more than certain that you are afraid to choose something and finally you do not get to give any answer.

In addition to the fact that this attitude can harm you in your profession or work, above all it will harm you to keep your partner always by your side. Since it is one of the main reasons why a person moves away from her partner. Anyone needs security, and if you can’t give it to them, they will naturally look for someone else to give it to them.

You yourself are fearing these situations because you recognize it and you are expressing it through the dream. Not everything is lost. If you are aware of this, the first thing you should do is keep it in mind at any time in your life.

It will be vital that you do not forget to take action quickly. This is not only to get something, but also to let it go. For example, many times we cannot abandon an object or even end our toxic relationship due to fear. This dream is fearing those situations. So get used to acting and letting go of things that are not good for you.

It is likely that you may be interested in dreaming that the electricity goes out because it is a similar dream. It will help you to arrive at the most suitable interpretation for the dream you had last night.

If I’m walking in the dark

In case you see that you are walking, despite the darkness and the fear you feel, this means something positive. It shows that you want to change into a better version of yourself.

You are in a good moment of your life and you have fewer things that you are afraid to act on. Despite that, some things like the opinions of others and the possible failure can scare you to make decisions. But the detail is that you are acting in some way and it is very possible that you will stop seeing this dream when you begin to see a more noticeable change in yourself.

So don’t forget to keep trying. It doesn’t matter if you fail, because no decision will be bad or good. It will be up to you, if you direct it towards something positive, despite the mistakes and small failures of life. Making a mistake is not bad, not acting and staying where you are is.

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