What does it mean to dream that I am a fish?

What does it mean to dream that I am a fish?

If you were wondering what the meaning of dreaming that I am a fish will be, then we will tell you that it is not a specifically negative or positive dream. This is because it symbolizes the desire to want to be different from what you are. We will decipher what you want to become.

Mainly what you want is to be mature and capable of achieving anything you set your mind to. Dreaming of fish clearly shows you possessing these interpretations.

But when it comes to a dream where you are a certain object or person, it means the desire to want to have the qualities or be as such.

This is a dream that people who want to try something new or want to start a business have. They are aware that they lack some qualities to be able to start the projects they want.

For all this, it cannot be given a bad or good rating. This will depend on what you think about yourself and the things you face or will face in life.

For example, if you dream that you are a fish and you really want a change in yourself for what you want to achieve, it would be a completely positive dream. Since no matter who you are today, wanting to improve for your dreams will always be something that leads you to be prosperous and this is closely related to dreaming that you eat fish , which is another positive dream.

However, if you do not think this way, the dream is interpreted as negative. Where it shows your fear of facing the changes that are approaching. It has a relationship with dreaming that a fish bites you , but when we are a fish, it shows that we are people who make excuses for not trying anything.

Now we will present the variants so that you arrive at the most appropriate interpretation of your dream last night.

Dream that I am a big fish

Show the high expectations you have. Having a high goal is not bad, however, if this causes you stress and you become obsessed, it will not be healthy. Dreaming that you are a big fish warns you not to become a cold person.

You must value the simple things that life offers you and be able to be happy with the people who really love you. In spite of that you should not resist your dreams, and at the same time not lose the humility that you naturally possess.

Dream that I eat another fish

If you eat another fish in your dream, this shows 2 things. It may be that both or only one fits your personality.

First, that you are an impatient person. Above all, you want immediate results. This personality has made you abandon many things when you were just beginning or when you were halfway there.

The second thing is that you are an envious person and you blame others for your failures. This is very dangerous, but at the same time it is a mistake that many make. It will not allow you to be a person capable of achieving what is proposed.

If at least one of the two had to do with your way of being. You have to be aware when you make these mistakes and try to avoid them. Because none will help you to be happy

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