What does it mean to dream that I eat fish

What does it mean to dream that I eat fish

You will wonder what it means to dream that I eat fish. Let me tell you that it is a very good sign that symbolizes maturity and inner peace. These two combinations are vital to achieving any goal you set for yourself from now on.

This is closely related to dreaming of fish , which is a dream that shows the energy and vitality that you possess. So it also indicates that you are a person who will be able to have a child.

Regarding having a child, it is a dream that people have with the desire to have one and be able to raise it. If this is your possible case, your subconscious shows that you are wanting it and you finally feel ready to achieve that goal. That is, you feel capable of maintaining it and you are aware that you will do well.

If you were not thinking about children or the responsibility of expanding your home, the dream shows that it is a good time to try a new challenge. Above all, related to money, such as opening a new business.

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Possessing inner peace and maturity are essential qualities when setting up a new company or project. Since you will be able to solve any problem that comes across with ease. This is due to your coldness and ability to handle situations that arise.

Even this personality will even help you to create a great network of contacts and partners to be able to expand the horizon of your business. So I advise you to take the initiative to create one. If you have dreams that you have not yet come true, it is a good time to take the step to try.

Although it is a good dream where you eat a “normal” fish, it has variants depending on the state or condition of the fish.

To dream that I eat FRIED fish

This dream shows above all the faith you have. It shows that your optimism towards the future can take you very far. Since dreaming of fried fish shows your spirituality and faith.

The dream shows that this must be supplemented with maturity. For example, the ability to make decisions with a cool head and manage to direct complicated situations.

So it shows that you are one step away from being a person who can achieve anything you set out to do in life.

Dream that you eat fish WITH SPINES

If you dreamed that you eat fish and that the bones bother you, this shows that you are a person who is constantly worried.

You can’t get the things you did out of your mind. That is, you care whether you did it right or wrong. Your subconscious alerts you that you should have more confidence in yourself and lose your fear of possible criticism.

To dream that I eat RAW fish

This shows that you have friends who are not good influences on you. The dream comes from the desire to want to get away from them, but there is in you, the fear of rejection. This makes you unable to take the next step to distance yourself from them.

Your subconscious cannot lie, it is being honest with you and assures you that walking away will be the best decision you make.

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